Germany's Merkel condemns far-right xenophobia, Nazi slogans

Germany's Merkel condemns far-right xenophobia, Nazi slogansGerman Chancellor Angela Merkel condemned xenophobic attacks and the use of Nazi slogans in a robust speech to parliament on Wednesday after the most violent far-right demonstrations in decades exposed deep divisions in the country. In an unusually rowdy session in the Bundestag (lower house) later, far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) deputies stormed out of the chamber after a Social Democrat (SPD) accused them of being “unsavory” right-wing radicals. Protests by right-wing militants in the eastern city of Chemnitz two weeks ago after the fatal stabbing of a German blamed on two migrants have reignited a fierce debate about Merkel’s 2015 decision to let in more than a million refugees.

Source: Yahoo! News