Quantum Artificial Life –"Created for the First Time" (A 2018 Most Viewed) – The Daily Galaxy –Great Discoveries Channel

Quantum Artificial Life –“Created for the First Time” (A 2018 Most Viewed)  The Daily Galaxy –Great Discoveries Channel

“We leave open the question whether the origin of life is genuinely quantum mechanical,” says the team behind exciting new research that provides a …

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Eelgrass wasting disease has new enemies: Drones and artificial intelligence

Every year, the world loses an estimated 7 percent of its seagrasses. While the reasons are manifold, one culprit has long confounded scientists: eelgrass wasting disease. This September a team of biologists is zeroing in on the problem, in the first study of the disease to stretch along the Pacific Coast from southern California to Alaska.
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Scientists use artificial neural networks to predict new stable materials

Artificial neural networks — algorithms inspired by connections in the brain — have ‘learned’ to perform a variety of tasks, from pedestrian detection in self-driving cars, to analyzing medical images, to translating languages. Now, researchers are training artificial neural networks to predict new stable materials.
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Google's artificial intelligence chief departs

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  2. As expected, Google Cloud’s head of AI will step aside and be replaced by Carnegie Mellon’s Andrew Moore  Business Insider
  3. Google’s AI Cloud Star Leaves After Pentagon Deal Protests  Bloomberg
  4. Carnegie Mellon’s Andrew Moore to join Google Cloud as new head of AI later this year  GeekWire
  5. Andrew Moore is departing CMU to lead AI efforts for Google Cloud  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
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Artificial intelligence has a racial bias problem. Google is funding summer camps to try to change that

Artificial intelligence has been criticized for its use as a surveillance tool and for racist algorithms built into software. Nonprofit organization AI4All wants to show people that AI can be used to better humanity, starting with creating tech spaces for minorities while they’re still young.




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Training artificial intelligence with artificial X-rays

AI holds real potential for improving both the speed and accuracy of medical diagnostics — but before clinicians can harness the power of AI to identify conditions in images such as X-rays, they have to ‘teach’ the algorithms what to look for. Now, engineers have designed a new approach: using machine learning to create computer generated X-rays to augment AI training sets.
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Using artificial intelligence to understand volcanic eruptions from tiny ash

Scientists have shown that an artificial intelligence program called a Convolutional Neural Network can be trained to categorize volcanic ash particle shapes. Because the shapes of volcanic particles are linked to the type of volcanic eruption, this categorization can help provide information on eruptions and aid volcanic hazard mitigation efforts.
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