Frequent sauna bathing has many health benefits

A new report found that sauna bathing is associated with a reduction in the risk of vascular diseases, such as high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease, neurocognitive diseases, nonvascular conditions, such as pulmonary diseases, mental health disorders, and mortality. Furthermore, sauna bathing alleviated conditions such as skin diseases, arthritis, headache, and flu. The evidence also suggests that regular sauna baths are associated with a better health-related quality of life.
Source: Science Daily

Opinion: Trump is a real estate developer. He doesn't get the benefits the US gets from trade

Even Donald Trump understands he can’t win his trade wars across all fronts, from China to Mexico to Canada. The White House is now set to restart trade negotiations with Europe and to work toward “zero tariffs” on various industrial goods. Still, the President’s belief that “the US has been ripped off by other countries” is a line of reasoning that only comes naturally to a former real estate developer

Source: CNN

E3 2018: How GameStop Benefits From Fortnite, A Game It Doesn't Really Sell

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