Touch-based blood pressure readings via iPhone and Apple Watch might one day be a thing

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Wearable ultrasound patch monitors blood pressure deep inside body

A new wearable ultrasound patch that non-invasively monitors blood pressure in arteries deep beneath the skin could help people detect cardiovascular problems earlier on and with greater precision. In tests, the patch performed as well as some clinical methods to measure blood pressure. Applications include real-time, continuous monitoring of blood pressure changes in patients with heart or lung disease, as well as patients who are critically ill or undergoing surgery.
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Monitoring at home yields better blood pressure control

People with high blood pressure are more likely to get it under control if they record blood pressure readings at home and share the data with their healthcare provider. At-home monitoring gives providers a better sense of patients’ true blood pressure readings, leading to more customized treatment and better hypertension control. Combining at-home readings with traditional provider care saves money by reducing medications and doctor and emergency department visits.
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Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro 'lost 40% of blood in stabbing'

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Dangerous blood pressure spikes among blacks happen five times more often than average

Blacks with high blood pressure experience hypertensive crisis, a life-threatening condition where blood pressure surges severely and quickly, at a rate five times the national average. Hypertensive crisis can lead to organ damage and death. Factors that predict organ damage from hypertensive crisis include age, male gender, anemia, chronic kidney disease and having a history of stroke or cardiovascular disease, but not insurance status or access to primary care.
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Embattled blood-testing firm Theranos to dissolve: WSJ

Embattled blood-testing firm Theranos to dissolve: WSJ(Reuters) – Theranos Inc, the once-celebrated Silicon Valley blood-testing firm, is about to dissolve itself months after top executives were indicted for defrauding investors, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday. The move follows a failed attempt by Theranos to sell itself, during which it reached out to more than 80 potential buyers through Jefferies Group, the Journal reported, citing an email to shareholders from Chief Executive David Taylor. The firm will attempt to pay unsecured creditors its remaining cash in the coming months, the Journal reported, adding that big name investors had lost about $1 billion.

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