Chemists advance ability to control chemical reactions

Chemists have found a way to select the outcome of chemical reaction by employing an elusive and long-sought factor known as the ‘impact parameter’ — the miss-distance by which a reagent molecule misses a target molecule, thereby altering the products of chemical reaction. Termed the ‘forbidden fruit of reaction dynamics’, the impact parameter has previously defied direct control.
Source: Science Daily

Assad 'has been warned' on Idlib chemical use: Mattis

Assad 'has been warned' on Idlib chemical use: MattisUS Defense Secretary Jim Mattis stressed Tuesday that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has been well warned against any chemical weapons use in an anticipated assault on Idlib province. The Assad regime has twice been targeted by US air and missile strikes after previous alleged chemical attacks, and US officials have in recent days said additional action would follow if Assad were to use the banned weapons in rebel-held Idlib. “In Idlib, we’re watching very closely what the Assad regime, aided and abetted by the Iranians and the Russians are up to there,” Mattis told Pentagon reporters.

Source: Yahoo! News