China says Pence's allegations of meddling created 'out of thin air'

  1. China says Pence’s allegations of meddling created ‘out of thin air’  CNN
  2. Pence Calls on Google to Drop Mobile Search Project in China  Wall Street Journal
  3. Mike Pence says China is trying to undermine Trump because it ‘wants a different American president’  The Boston Globe
  4. The Trump administration just ‘reset’ the US-China relationship  Washington Post
  5. Pence accuses China of ‘malign’ campaign to undermine Trump  Reuters
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The spark that created life

Evolution by natural selection is immensely powerful — both in nature and within laboratories. Researchers have identified ‘Structural Capacitance Elements’ within proteins, which retain the potential to evolve into micro-structures following the introduction of a mutation. These mutated proteins are associated with many different types of human diseases, such as cancer. Understanding if and how a mutation may change the protein shape will be pivotal in targeting that protein for use in therapeutics.
Source: Science Daily

Steep decline in student belief that God created humans, 32-year Australian study reveals

Australian university students give far more credit than the previous generation to the science of human evolution and far less to creationism or divine guidance, according to a landmark new study. The extent and pace of decline in the Australian students’ commitment to religious views about divine creation, especially creationism, is in distinct contrast to the corresponding beliefs among American students and the American public.
Source: Science Daily