Allergy potential of strawberries and tomatoes depends on the variety

Strawberries and tomatoes are among the most widely consumed fruits and vegetables worldwide. However, many people are allergic to them, especially if they have been diagnosed with birch pollen allergy. A team has investigated which strawberry or tomato varieties contain fewer allergens than others and to what extent cultivation or preparation methods are involved.
Source: Science Daily

How Can Apple Keep Growing If Its Current Growth Depends on iPhone Price Hikes?

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How does one prepare for adverse weather events? Depends on your past experiences

With much of the central plains and Midwest now entering peak tornado season, the impact of these potentially devastating weather events will be shaped in large part by how individuals think about and prepare for them. A new study shows that people’s past experiences with tornadoes inform how they approach this type of extreme weather in the future, including their perception of the risk.
Source: Science Daily

Extent of US-China trade fight depends on Trump's goals

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So much depends on the velocity of tiny droplets cast upward

New research describes the velocity of aerosols cast upward as bubbles on a liquid’s surface burst. Above the ocean, these droplets transfer moisture, salt, and even toxins such as algae from water to air. Knowing the speed and height of aerosols applies to numerous areas of scientific and economic interest, including more accurate climate modeling or creating a perfect glass of champagne.
Source: Science Daily