A 552-carat yellow diamond was just unearthed in Canada's arctic — a record North American discovery – MarketWatch

A 552-carat yellow diamond was just unearthed in Canada’s arctic — a record North American discovery  MarketWatch

The gem-quality stone measures around 3 centimeters by 5.5 centimeters, almost three times the size of the next largest stone ever found in Canada.

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Neil Diamond: 'I feel great'

Speaking before the Songwriters Hall of Fame event in New York – where he received the Johnny Mercer Award – veteran singer Neil Diamond said “I feel great.” The 77-year-old announced he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in January and canceled planned concerts. (June 15)




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Diamond dust shimmering around distant stars

Some of the tiniest diamonds in the universe — bits of crystalline carbon hundreds of thousands of times smaller than a grain of sand — have been detected swirling around three infant star systems in the Milky Way. These microscopic gemstones are neither rare nor precious; they are, however, exciting for astronomers who identified them as the source of a mysterious cosmic microwave ‘glow’ emanating from several protoplanetary disks in our galaxy.
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