Avast Discovers Adware Pre-Installed On Some Android Devices

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Australian Woman Discovers Message In A Bottle Sent In 1886

Australian Woman Discovers Message In A Bottle Sent In 1886An Australian woman happened upon what experts believe is the oldest message in a bottle ever found, dating back to 1886. Tonya Illman of Perth said she walking along the beach on Wedge Island in January when she spied the old glass bottle and picked it up. Using basic German language skills and Google Translate, Kym Illman figured out the person who dispatched the bottle wanted to know where and when it was found.

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Mom discovers secret basement in her kitchen that's almost certainly a portal to hell

Mom discovers secret basement in her kitchen that's almost certainly a portal to hellIt sounds like the perfect start to a horror film, doesn’t it? SEE ALSO: Scientists have discovered spiders with tails because nightmares are real One minute you’re going about your business in the kitchen, maybe doing a spot of hoovering or something. And then the next minute, CLUNK — the hoover catches something in the floor. A loose tile.  Flash forward five minutes and you’re standing there looking into what is quite clearly the back entrance to the underworld. My Mam has lived in her house for over a year and they’ve just found a secret basement. They gonna die pic.twitter.com/wWuA1bWE0c — Sam (@SAMiCURE) March 4, 2018 Let’s be honest: when has the phrase “secret basement” ever meant something good? Soon that tweet had over 2,000 shares, and the theories about what may lie within the nightmarish hole were starting to flood in. What’s in it? Any dead bodies? — Ryan (@rysa6995) March 4, 2018 There was a giant wine rack, likely used to hold the blood of all the victims — Sam (@SAMiCURE) March 4, 2018 I’m very invested in this! Need more pics — N A T H A N 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 (@Nathan_Saunders) March 4, 2018 SAME. Turn this into a thread. Delete this and start again!!! — Tarcan (@Tarjy) March 4, 2018 The room is apparently 10ft by 4ft and held nothing but a wine rack. It’s a murder house — Sam (@SAMiCURE) March 4, 2018 The best option at this stage would be to immediately seal the doorway, cover it back up as best you can and get that house on the market asap. WATCH: Someone has reinvented the scarecrow and it’s absolutely terrifying

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Microsoft co-founder discovers sunken WWII aircraft carrier

Microsoft co-founder discovers sunken WWII aircraft carrierMicrosoft co-founder Paul Allen led a team of deep sea explorers to quite the discovery off the coast of Australia. The Seattle billionaire’s team announced on Monday they’d found the wreckage of the USS Lexington, an American aircraft carrier from WWII sunk by the Japanese military.  SEE ALSO: Divers find undetonated WWII bomb lurking in city harbour Discovered lying dormant in the Coral Sea, over 500 miles off the coast of eastern Australia, the Lexington was discovered by Research Vessel (R/V) Petrel on March 4.  According to a post on Allen’s website, the Lexington, launched in 1925, was one of the first U.S. aircraft carriers built, but was originally meant as a battlecruiser. “Lady Lex,” as the vessel became known, was sunk carrying 35 aircraft. Remarkably preserved aircraft on the seabed bearing the five-pointed star insignia of the U.S. Army Air Forces.Image: DOUGLAS CURRAN/AFP/Getty Images“
Lexington was on our priority list because she was one of the capital ships that was lost during WWII,” said Robert Kraft, director of subsea operations, in the post. “We’ve been planning to locate the Lexington for about six months and it came together nicely.” The wreckage was found some 3,000 metres (two miles) below the surface of the Coral Sea.Image: DOUGLAS CURRAN/AFP/Getty Images”Lady Lex” was reportedly part of the first carrier vs. carrier battle in history, the Battle of the Coral Sea in May 1942, and was recruited to curb Japanese advances on Australia and Papua New Guinea.  After surviving multiple torpedo hits, a secondary explosion within the Lexington called for crew and officers to abandon ship, and 2,770 people were rescued — apparently including the captain’s dog, Wags.  The wreckage was found by the team’s research vessel, the R/V Petrel.Image: DOUGLAS CURRAN/AFP/Getty ImagesAllen’s philanthropic priorities have been focused on ocean exploration, conservation and research for many years, funding shark research surveys and teaming up with NOAA’s Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory to deploy deep ocean floats in key observation areas. And it’s not the first battleship mystery he’s helped to solve either — in 2015, he and his team said they discovered the remains of the Musashi, once one of the two largest warships in the world, near the Philippines. WATCH: We could see a decline in King Penguins thanks to — you guessed it — climate change

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