Lifelong friend of Ford's says she doesn't remember being at a party where Kavanaugh was present

As the Senate Judiciary Committee staff negotiates with attorneys for Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of a past sexual assault, over a potential hearing on Thursday, Republican staffers are working to interview those who may have information about the alleged incident.

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Facebook could face EU sanctions if it doesn't tweak terms of service

  1. Facebook could face EU sanctions if it doesn’t tweak terms of service  The INQUIRER
  2. Facebook and Twitter Must Comply With EU Consumer Rules or Face Sanctions  NDTV
  3. Facebook told to speed up changes or face ‘sanctions’  BBC News
  4. Facebook and Airbnb told to change their ToS to fix EU consumer rights issues by year’s end  TechCrunch
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Chevy Chase Doesn't Think Saturday Night Live Is Funny Anymore: 'It Just Drives Me Nuts'

  1. Chevy Chase Doesn’t Think Saturday Night Live Is Funny Anymore: ‘It Just Drives Me Nuts’
  2. Chevy Chase slams ‘Saturday Night Live’ as the ‘worst (expletive) humor in the world’  USA TODAY
  3. Chevy Chase Slams Present Day ‘SNL’ & Says Will Ferrell’s ‘Not Funny’: It’s The ‘Worst S***’ Ever  Hollywood Life
  4. Donald Glover Can’t Save You  The New Yorker
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Despite major upgrades, Apple's iPhone XS still doesn't match the Pixel 2's camera

  1. Despite major upgrades, Apple’s iPhone XS still doesn’t match the Pixel 2’s camera  9to5Google
  2. Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL: What Do We Know?  Droid Life
  3. Google Pixel 3 event: How to watch and what to expect  ZDNet
  4. Cas van Dinter on Twitter: “There’s a fourth color in the source code #Pixel3 (@frontpagetech)… “  Twitter
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Why Apple doesn't care that people aren't buying new iPhones every year

  1. Why Apple doesn’t care that people aren’t buying new iPhones every year  BGR
  2. Five Top Pick Cases For Your iPhone XS Max  Forbes
  3. iPhone XR outshines XS value for upgraders  ZDNet
  4. Apple announces iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max in phone line revamp –
  5. Apple iPhone XR shipment delay due to hardware issues: Report  The Indian Express
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'Fortnite' Doesn't Require Nintendo Switch Online

  1. ‘Fortnite’ Doesn’t Require Nintendo Switch Online
  2. My Nintendo’s Gold Points Can Pay for Your Nintendo Online Subscription  IGN
  3. Nintendo Switch UPDATE: SNES games virtually confirmed as coming to Switch Online service?
  4. Nintendo Switch Online FAQ – Nintendo Switch™ Official site  Nintendo
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Trump 'doesn't understand the basics,' says 'Fear' author Bob Woodward

  1. Trump ‘doesn’t understand the basics,’ says ‘Fear’ author Bob Woodward  PBS NewsHour
  2. “Trump Believes There’s a Coup”: Freaked by the Times Op-Ed, the President Is Seeing Enemies Everywhere  Vanity Fair
  3. Report: Even Ivanka Trump worries her father will be impeached  The Mercury News
  4. Tammy Bruce: Trump’s election STILL has liberals reeling – But even Woodward won’t knock out 2016’s winner  Fox News
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