Effective TB, HIV, malaria vaccines missing from pipeline

Many of the vaccines critically needed to fight the world’s most prevalent infectious diseases are not likely to be developed. A financial modeling study of 538 candidate products for 35 neglected diseases estimated the costs and likelihood that each would progress to a product launch. Using a new tool known as Portfolio-to-Impact (P2I), the researchers found only 128 of those candidates would make it through the drug development pipeline.
Source: Science Daily

Simple but effective: Spontaneous synthesis of homogenous polymer networks

Researchers have developed a spontaneous polymer network synthesis that allowed for the preparation of gels containing narrow molecular weight distribution polymers. The gel networks showed swelling properties that were responsive to temperature and solvent concentration. The reported process demonstrates the potential for facile preparation of high quality materials that exhibit the full range of polymer gel properties, including sustained release, stimuli responsiveness, and molecular sieving, amongst others.
Source: Science Daily

Jeff Sessions Is Trump's Most Effective Cabinet Member. He May Fire Him Anyway.

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Big data and technology in disasters: Better integration needed for effective response

Disasters are becoming more commonplace and complex, and the challenges for rescue and humanitarian organizations increase. Increasingly these groups turn to big data to help provide solutions. Researchers wished to examine how ICT tools and big data were being used in disaster responses. By conducting a structured literature search and developing a data extraction tool on the use of ICT and big data during disasters they showed that some important gaps exist which should be part of a future research focus.
Source: Science Daily