If elections were held now, 52% would pick a Democrat. But only 40% think they'll take control of Congress

Democrats now lead Republicans by 52% to 41% in a nationwide generic Congressional ballot according to a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS and released Tuesday. The blue lead has increased slightly from eight percentage points in June of this year to an 11 percentage point difference in the most recent poll.

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Primary elections – LIVE: Michigan, Missouri, Kansas and Washington head to polls for 2018 primaries – with Ohio special House vote

Primary elections - LIVE: Michigan, Missouri, Kansas and Washington head to polls for 2018 primaries - with Ohio special House voteFour US states are holding primary elections today, with a fifth having a special House vote. A number of the races are a test for Donald Trump and the amount of sway he holds with voters ahead of crucial midterm elections. Mr Trump has backed Republican Troy Balderson, who is facing Democrat Danny O’Connor in the last special congressional election before the midterms.

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Zimbabwe elections: Emmerson Mnangagwa declared winner as opposition denounces 'fake' results

Zimbabwe elections: Emmerson Mnangagwa declared winner as opposition denounces 'fake' resultsZimbabwe’s Emmerson Mnangagwa has secured a narrow victory in Zimbabwe’s first election since the dictator Robert Mugabe was overthrown last year.  Mr Mnangagwa took 50.8 percent of the vote, obtaining by a whisker the 50 percent plus one vote majority required to avoid a second round run off, Zimbabwe’s election commission announced in Harare late on Thursday night.  Nelson Chamisa, his nearest challenger, took 44.3 percent of the vote.  Mr Mnangagwa said he was “humbled”, hailing the victory as a “new beginning”. “Thank you Zimbabwe! I am humbled to be elected President of the Second Republic of Zimbabwe,” he said in a Twitter message. Thank you Zimbabwe! I am humbled to be elected President of the Second Republic of Zimbabwe. Though we may have been divided at the polls, we are united in our dreams. This is a new beginning. Let us join hands, in peace, unity & love, & together build a new Zimbabwe for all! pic.twitter.com/FbdrixAktR— President of Zimbabwe (@edmnangagwa) August 2, 2018 Mr Mnangagwa’s victory makes him Zimbabwe’s second elected president and puts a stamp of legitimacy on his rule, which began with a military coup to oust Mr Mugabe, who had ruled the country for 37 years.  But it was immediately challenged by the opposition, whose allegations of voter fraud have raised fears of a renewal of post election violence.  Opposition MDC spokesman Morgan Komichi denounced the results, saying the count was “fake”. “The results that have been announced have not been verified by us… so the results are fake,” said Komichi, before he was removed by police from the stage at the official results announcement in Harare. Downtown Harare was unusually quiet a day after six people were killed when troops fired live rounds against demonstrators alleging the vote had been rigged. Soldiers and police cleared the city centre, shouting at pedestrians and traders to leave, as the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) continued to charge that the ruling ZANU-PF had stolen the election. “What they have been trying to do of late is to play around,” MDC leader Nelson Chamisa told reporters. “That is rigging, that is manipulation, trying to bastardise the result, and that we will not allow.” The government has accused the MDC of inciting Wednesday’s unrest and vowed to enforce a security clampdown. Soldiers stood guard at ZANU-PF headquarters on Thursday, while armoured personnel carriers, water cannon trucks and police anti-riot vans took position outside MDC headquarters. Zimbabwean’s main opposition candidate Nelson Chamisa speaks at a news conference in Harare, Zimbabwe Credit: AP Monday’s vote was meant to turn the page on years of brutal repression under Mugabe. It has pitted 75-year-old President Emmerson Mnangagwa, Mugabe’s former ZANU-PF ally, against Chamisa, 35 years his junior. While the government warned that further protests would not be tolerated, Mnangagwa also said on Twitter that he wanted an independent investigation into the killings, and that he sought to settle differences “peacefully”. It is also more important than ever that we are united, and commit to settling our differences peacefully and respectfully, and within the confines of the law. 4/6— President of Zimbabwe (@edmnangagwa) August 2, 2018 But Chamisa racheted up the pressure, accusing the government of turning tanks and guns on voters, and ruling out the prospect of a unity government. “No unity government. There has to a government of the people elected by the people,” he told reporters. In official results from the parliamentary election, also held on Monday, ZANU-PF won easily – suggesting Mnangagwa would be on course to retain the presidency. Mnangagwa had promised a free and fair vote after the military ushered him to power when Mugabe was forced to resign. A credible and peaceful vote was meant to end Zimbabwe’s international isolation and attract foreign investment to revive the shattered economy.  

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Trump aides say Russia has sweeping effort to weaken U.S. elections

Trump aides say Russia has sweeping effort to weaken U.S. electionsBy Steve Holland and Jeff Mason WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump’s top aides said on Thursday that Russia is behind “pervasive” attempts to interfere in upcoming U.S. elections, in a rejection of denials of meddling that Russian President Vladimir Putin made directly to Trump. Trump’s national security team, including intelligence director Dan Coats and national security adviser John Bolton, appeared in the White House briefing room to stress that a major effort is under way to protect the integrity of congressional elections in November and the 2020 presidential election.

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The Russian Threat 'Is Real,' Trump Officials Say, Vowing to Protect US Elections

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Obama announces democrat endorsements for 2018 midterm elections

Obama announces democrat endorsements for 2018 midterm electionsBarack Obama has announced his endorsements for America’s 2018 midterm elections in a series of tweets. The former president endorsed 81 candidates vying for congressional seats, those running for the Senate, as well as candidates in various state level elections across the US. Republicans currently have control of both the House and the Senate.

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Zimbabwe elections: One dead as opposition protest ruling Zanu-PF parliamentary victory

Zimbabwe elections: One dead as opposition protest ruling Zanu-PF parliamentary victoryClashes broke out among angry supporters of Zimbawe opposition leader Nelson Chamisa on Wednesday after official election results showed a ruling party victory in parliament. One man was shot dead, according to AFP , after the Zimbabwean army opened fire in central Harare on Wednesday as protests erupted over alleged fraud in the election. The man died after being shot in the stomach, an AFP photographer said, confirming that he died at the scene. Zimbabwe’s ruling Zanu PF party won the majority of seats in parliament after sweeping rural constituencies by huge margins, official results showed on Wednesday, setting the stage for President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s victory. Protesters tore down a billboard with an image of President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his campaign slogan: “The voice of the people is the voice of God.” Opposition supporters also marched to and from the gates of a compound where the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission has been announcing results. Police padlocked the main gate. The opposition alleges the vote was rigged. Results of the presidential race have not yet been announced and the electoral commission says it will update on that “sometime tomorrow.” Quite serious violence In Harare These guys say they’re angry at a stolen election. The presidential results have yet to be announced. pic.twitter.com/eziSZY9Tmg— Roland Oliphant (@RolandOliphant) August 1, 2018 Presidential results are due to be announced, with Mr Chamisa’s supporters insisting they will occupy the streets of Harare if their candidate does not win. Mr Chamisa has already claimed victory and accused the electoral commission of fixing results to favour Mr Mnangagwa. Riot police equipped with water cannon looked on as several hundred MDC supporters gathered outside Mr Chamisa’s MDC party headquarters in central Harare and electoral commission where results were being announced. Tererai Obey Sithole, a 26 year old MDC member, told The Telegraph: “We are not going to accept any result that is against the victory of Nelson Chamisa.” “We already have the results. Mr Chamisa won with 60 per cent plus. We are going to stay on the streets until ZEC announces the correct result.” MDC supporters burn an election banner with the face of Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa Credit: Reuters “They have stolen the election,” says 78-year-old Iddah Hanyani. “I want my vote back.” The European Union observer mission said on Wednesday “a truly level playing field was not achieved” in the election. The EU mission pointed out the “misuse of state resources, instances of coercion and intimidation, partisan behavior by traditional leaders and overt bias in state media” but says Monday’s election was largely peaceful in a break from the past. Zimbabwean anti riot police officers close the entrance to the Rainbow Towers where the election’s results were announced Credit: AFP The assessments of Western and other observers, many who returned to Zimbabwe after being barred for nearly two decades, are crucial in the possible lifting of international sanctions on this southern African nation. The EU mission says this is a preliminary statement and more is expected on how the election results are handled and announced.  Africa’s tarnished jewel: how four decades of Robert Mugabe left Zimbabwe’s economy reeling Parliamentary results early on Wednesday showed Mr Mnangagwa’s Zanu PF party cruising to a big majority after picking up 109 seats against 41 for the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC). Another 58 seats are yet to be declared. The House of Assembly of Parliament has 210 seats and Zanu PF would need to win 30 more to have a two-thirds majority that would allow it to change the constitution at will. Profile | Emmerson Mnangagwa The trend in the parliamentary election was expected to continue when results for the president are announced. The MDC won in most urban centres, where it enjoys majority support. The MDC accused the election commission on Tuesday of deliberately delaying results of this week’s vote to favour the ruling party, reporting irregularities in the first poll since the removal of Robert Mugabe in a bloodless November coup. Election observers from southern African nations on Wednesday commended Zimbabwe for a peaceful, orderly election, though they also identified some shortcomings in how it was conducted. The Southern African Development Community said Zimbabweans had the “opportunity to exercise their constitutional right,” and applauded the government for allowing more international observers for Monday’s vote. Urging protesters to refrain from violence, the group aslo referred to criticism of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission for the late release of the voters’ roll, as well as bias toward the ruling party by state media and traditional leaders.

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