The SEC's “Punishment” of Elon Musk Is Exactly What Tesla Needed

  1. The SEC’s “Punishment” of Elon Musk Is Exactly What Tesla Needed  Slate Magazine
  2. Tesla beat its Model 3 production goal, but will it hit profitability?  Fast Company
  3. Why Elon Musk’s SEC Settlement Is Critical for Electric Vehicles  Knowledge@Wharton
  4. Tesla’s breakneck pace produced more than 53000 Model 3s this quarter  The Verge
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Call of Duty's 'Blackout' is exactly what battle royale needed

  1. Call of Duty’s ‘Blackout’ is exactly what battle royale needed  Digital Trends
  2. Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout Beta Update Makes More Changes  GameSpot
  3. Call of Duty’s Frantic Battle Royale Takes Some Adjustment  Kotaku
  4. What Happened To Black Ops 4’s Campaign?  YouTube
  5. Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout beta extends to Xbox One and PC players and adds new playlists
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YouTube now lets parents decide exactly what kids can watch

  1. YouTube now lets parents decide exactly what kids can watch  CNET
  2. YouTube Kids App Now Lets Parents Handpick All Videos and Channels  Variety
  3. YouTube Kids App Unveils New Feature To Target Preteens  Tubefilter
  4. YouTube Kids gives parents greater control over what their child can watch in the app with whitelisting feature …  Daily Mail
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Security clearances: What exactly can Trump do?

  1. Security clearances: What exactly can Trump do?  CNN
  2. WH: Trump exploring taking away security clearances of Brennan, Comey, Hayden, Rice, McCabe  CBS News
  3. Trump looking at revoking security clearances of Brennan, Clapper, Hayden, Rice, Comey, McCabe
  4. Trump can revoke critics’ security clearances if he wants — but it probably wouldn’t change much  Washington Post
  5. Trump Weighs Stripping Security Clearances From Officials Who Criticized Him  New York Times
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Trump's SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh looks exactly like Glenn from 'Superstore'

Trump's SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh looks exactly like Glenn from 'Superstore'Donald Trump is obsessed with television ratings, so it makes perfect sense that he’d choose a SCOTUS nominee who strongly resembles an actor, right? Right. Cut to Monday night, when Trump picked Judge Brett Kavanaugh to take the seat of Justice Anthony Kennedy, who announced his retirement from the Supreme Court in late June. Some immediately saw Kavanaugh as the man who could help overturn Roe vs. Wade, but others saw Glenn Sturgis — the manager of Cloud 9 on NBC’s
Superstore, played by actor Mark McKinney
. SEE ALSO: 5 ways you can fight Trump’s Supreme Court pick Are we sure that Brett Kavanaugh isn’t really Glenn Sturgis from Superstore? @AmericaFerrera #superstore #bothreadthebible — Ellen Hendervan (@Ellenjhm) July 10, 2018 The life-changing realization that Kavanaugh is a doppelgänger to the the goofiest
Superstore character, known for his Kermit the Frog-esque voice, came when Trump passed the mic off to his SCOTUS nominee on Monday night. Mid-speech, featured editor for TV Guide Krutika Mallikarjuna questioned why Kavanaugh sounded “like a deflated Glenn.” After I finished laughing out loud on my couch I realized that not only does Kavanaugh
sound like a deflated Glenn, but he looks like him too. why brett kavanaugh sound like a deflated glenn from superstore — discourse wallah (@krutika) July 10, 2018 It’s been two days since Kavanaugh’s speech, and every single time I see a picture of the man my brain screams: GLEN FROM
So I finally checked to see if anyone else noticed a resemblance and, uh, they definitely did. 🚨I FIGURED IT OUT, BRETT KAVANAUGH LOOKS LIKE GLENN FROM SUPERSTORE🚨 — Franci Rooney (@francirooney) July 10, 2018 I’m not the only person who hears “Brett Kavanaugh” and thinks “Glenn from Superstore,” right? — grabegrabe (@grabegrabe) July 11, 2018 #BrettKavanaugh looks like Glenn from @NBCSuperstore #SCOTUSNomination — Zachary FR Anderson (@zfranderson) July 11, 2018 So, #SCOTUS pick Brett Kavanaugh looks suspiciously like Glenn Sturgis from @NBCSuperstore…Thoughts? @AmericaFerrera @lauren_ash @Mark_DMcKinney @captdope @WhosBenFeldman #Superstore — Casey 💙 (@CaseyLG_8) July 10, 2018 So who else thinks that #BrettKavanaugh looks like Glenn from @NBCSuperstore? TBH, I’d rather have Glenn as a #SCOTUS — nolajazz (@nolajazz) July 10, 2018 #scotus Is it me or does Brett Kavanaugh look like Mark McKinney, the guy who plays Glenn in Superstore? — Stephen “Under siege by Baron Frankenstein” Crane (@StephenCrane71) July 10, 2018 Is it just me or does anyone else see a resemblance between SC pick Brett Kavanaugh and the Glenn character from Superstore? #scotus — Wendy (@WooGirrl) July 11, 2018 Even though Brett Kavanaugh has been consistently hilarious as Glenn on over three seasons of Superstore, I think it’s time to stop putting NBC’s on-air talent in positions of untold political power. #SCOTUS — Garrison Taylor (@itsarealdisease) July 10, 2018 is trump’s scotus pick actually glenn from superstore? #SCOTUSnominee #BrettKavanaugh — elderly gambino (@__kmd__) July 10, 2018 Congrats Judge Glenn! 👨🏼â€�âš–ï¸�#brettkavanaugh #scotus #kavanaugh #scotuspick #Superstore — Tess Terrible (@Tess_Terrible) July 10, 2018 Many also noted that Brett and Glenn have some similarities beyond their physical appearances, like they’re both fans of the Bible and America! Uncanny! But despite the resemblances, fans seem to think the lovable
Superstore boss is the better of the two men. @BrettKavanaugh looks like Glenn from @NBCSuperstore. Kinda sounds like him too, but Glenn is better. #TheBachelorette — Megan Thompson (@MTthedishwasher) July 10, 2018 Have fun living in the shadows of a fictional character, Brett!
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