Opinion: Trump drums up an immigration crisis that doesn't exist

Even by President Donald Trump’s standards, his current efforts to whip up hatred of immigrants seem extraordinarily brazen. As a group of about 3,500 migrants (already diminishing in size) trudge slowly up through Mexico toward the American border, Trump is going all out to turn them into a key to election victory next Tuesday. What other president can you imagine:

Source: CNN

NRA is in deep financial trouble and may soon 'be unable to exist'

NRA is in deep financial trouble and may soon 'be unable to exist'The National Rifle Association (NRA) has said it’s suffering from substantial financial issues that could cause the organisation to “be unable to exist”. In a recent court filing, the powerful organisation that lobbies on behalf of gun makers, owners and campaigns against almost all gun regulations, said it had lost its media insurance coverage due to an aggressive campaign brought on by New York’s Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo. A lack of liability insurance threatens to shut down the group’s multi-million dollar media entities, including NRATV, its own streaming channel.

Source: Yahoo! News