Flexible drug delivery microdevice to advance precision medicine

A research team has developed a flexible drug delivery device with controlled release for personalized medicine, blazing the path toward theragnosis. They fabricated a device on a rigid substrate and transferred an active drug delivery layer to the flexible substrate via inorganic laser lift off. The fabricated device shows mechanical flexibility while maintaining the capability of precise administration of exact dosages at desired times.
Source: Science Daily

Flexible content delivery, student-faculty interaction frees time without hurting grades

Medical students face an intense workload and often struggle to juggle priorities. Similarly, medical school faculty must find time in their schedules to prepare lectures and for face-to-face interaction with students. To optimize student and faculty time and increase engagement between them, researchers ‘flipped’ their content delivery strategy upside down.
Source: Science Daily

Transparent, conductive films promising for developing flexible screens

Because silver is less brittle and more chemically resistant than materials currently used to make these electrodes, the new films could offer a high-performance and long-lasting option for use with flexible screens and electronics. The silver-based films could also enable flexible solar cells for installation on windows, roofs and even personal devices.
Source: Science Daily

Switching between Windows 10 S, Home, and Pro may get more flexible

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Huawei Patents A Foldable Smartphone With Flexible Display

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Flexible ultrasound patch could make it easier to inspect damage in odd-shaped structures

Researchers have developed a stretchable, flexible patch that could make it easier to perform ultrasound imaging on odd-shaped structures, such as engine parts, turbines, reactor pipe elbows and railroad tracks — objects that are difficult to examine using conventional ultrasound equipment. The ultrasound patch is a versatile and more convenient tool to inspect machine and building parts for defects and damage deep below the surface.
Source: Science Daily