The force is strong within us: New study explores cell mechanics at work

A research team focused on measuring the stiffness, bending, twisting and viscosity of individual cells — focused on a breast cancer cell line — using all of the most state-of-the art technology at their disposal. How both healthy and cancerous cells respond to this environment — and whether there are key differences that can be identified for future diagnostic applications was of keen interest to the researchers.
Source: Science Daily

Trump Calls for 'Space Force' in Major Military Revamp

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Iraqi force says US strike killed fighters in east Syria

Iraqi force says US strike killed fighters in east SyriaAn Iraqi paramilitary force key to the battle against the Islamic State group on Monday accused the US-led coalition of killing more than 20 of its fighters in an air raid in eastern Syria. The bombing raid hit Al-Hari, a town controlled by regional militias fighting in Syria’s complex seven-year war alongside President Bashar al-Assad’s forces. Both Syrian authorities and Iraqi forces pointed the finger at the US-led coalition, which denied it was involved in Sunday night’s attack.

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United Nations condemns excessive Israeli force against Palestinians

United Nations condemns excessive Israeli force against PalestiniansBy Michelle Nichols UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – The U.N. General Assembly condemned Israel on Wednesday for excessive use of force against Palestinian civilians and asked U.N. chief Antonio Guterres to recommend an “international protection mechanism” for occupied Palestinian territory. The General Assembly adopted a resolution with 120 votes in favor, eight against and 45 abstentions.

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