Lucasfilm confirms Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill will be in Star Wars: Episode IX

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Here are a bunch of photos of Mark Hamill pointing, just because

Here are a bunch of photos of Mark Hamill pointing, just becauseFirst of all, Mark Hamill is a national treasure. Whether it’s his portrayal of Luke Skywalker through the Star Wars films or his terrific Twitter feed that includes lots of interacting with fans, we’re all the better for having Hamill in our lives.  SEE ALSO: James Gunn and Mark Hamill finally had the epic coffee date we’ve all been waiting for Which is why it’s so much fun to discover that, hey, Mark Hamill must really like other people (maybe even us!) because of how much he points at others.  Man, does he love to point. He even celebrates how much he points! “Happy NATIONAL FINGER-POINTING DAY Everyone!” is what I would be saying if there were such a thing, but ignoring this nonexistent holiday would be tragically missing the point(s). 👆👈 👇👉#ApparentlyNotEverythingGetsADayTheseDays — Mark Hamill (@HamillHimself) January 14, 2018 But, no, really, he points A LOT. Here, just because, are a bunch of photos of Mark Hamill pointing at objects and other people because we should all be blessed with acknowledgement from one of the humans that make this dumpster fire of life worthwhile.  “The Empire wants YOU to be the recipient of this point”Image: Getty Images for Disney “Hey, look, another Star Wars fan mad online that ‘The Last Jedi’ didn’t adhere to exactly what he wanted!”Image: Getty Images “You, you’re awesome. I mean it.”Image: Getty Images “This is a star but there are no wars now so we shall call the next film Star Peace. Namaste.”Image: Getty Images for GBK Productions “Gina Rodriguez! Hey, guys, it’s Jane the Virgin!”Image: Getty Images for JumpLine “Okay, ha ha, I get it, John and Daisy, stop making me feel bad.”Image: Getty Images “LOL JK, Daisy! Pointing is the best.”Image: Getty Images “It’s one of the Colins! They’re like the 00’s version of the Coreys!”Image: Getty Images for US-Ireland Alliance “In Ireland? That’s a point!”Image: Getty Images “Got a Hollywood star? That’s a point, too!”Image: Getty Images for Disney “These folks, am I right?”Image: Getty Images for Disney “This guy, Frank Oz, legend.”Image: Getty Images “This kid, too!”Image: Getty Images “No, but seriously, the best points are for the friends we made along the way. Which is you.”Image: Getty ImagesPoint on, brave Jedi, point on. WATCH: A DIY dad made a Star Wars highchair for his son, and we’re wondering if it comes in adult sizes

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