New soft bioelectronic mesh tested on human wrist and pulsating pig's heart

Scientists have succeeded in developing a wearable and implantable device, that measures electrophysiological signals and applies electrical and thermal stimulations. It provides information on muscle and cardiac dysfunctions, and thus could be implemented for pain relief, rehabilitation, and prosthetic motor control. Being the first soft implant able to record the cardiac activity in multiple points of a swine heart, it is expected that this prototype will contribute to the research and production of future bioelectronics.
Source: Science Daily

Routine genomic screening could find risks for cancer and heart disease in 3 to 4 million

Unbeknownst to them, at least 1 percent of the US population has an identifiable genetic risk for cancer or heart disease that could be detected and clinically managed through genomic screening. Researchers say that identifying those 3 to 4 million persons and effectively mitigating that risk are worthy goals, but more work is needed before genomic screening becomes routine in health care.
Source: Science Daily

Selena Gomez's Mom Mandy Teefey Says Her "Heart Hurts" Following Demi Lovato Overdose

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