A diet rich in nuts improves sperm count and motility

The inclusion of nuts in a regular diet significantly improves the quality and function of human sperm, according to results of a randomized trial which measured conventional semen parameters and molecular changes over a 14-week study period. The findings, say the investigators, ‘support a beneficial role for chronic nut consumption in sperm quality’ and reflect a research need for further male-specific dietary recommendations.
Source: Science Daily

Mild problem-solving task improves brain function after a concussion, new study suggests

A mild problem-solving task improves brain functioning after a concussion, according to a new study. Currently there are many questions about rehabilitation and treatment options, with absolute rest often the go-to treatment. But the new study suggests that a simple cognitive task as early as four days after a brain injury activates the region that improves memory function, and may guard against developing depression or anxiety.
Source: Science Daily

Porsche improves new Cayenne E-Hybrid in every measurable way

Porsche improves new Cayenne E-Hybrid in every measurable wayWith the current popularity of all things SUV, the third-generation Cayenne is what probably generates the most to keep the lights on in the GT-division, so keeping it ahead of the game is vital. This is no superficial facelift though, as the new Cayenne E-Hybrid is going to be an improvement on the current incarnation in just about every measurable way. When using a 230-volt 32-amp connection and the optional 7.2 kW onboard charger, the battery in the new Cayenne E-Hybrid is capable of being recharged in just 2.3 hours.

Source: Yahoo! News