Social isolation: Animals that break away from the pack can influence evolution

For some animals — such as beetles, ants, toads, and primates — short-term social isolation can be just as vital as social interaction to development and long-term evolution. Evolutionary biologists describe approaches for testing how an animal’s isolation might impact natural selection and evolution. This framework can help design more effective breeding, reintroduction, and conservation strategies.
Source: Science Daily

Footwear habits influence child and adolescent motor skill development

Researchers show that children and adolescents who spend most of their time barefoot develop motor skills differently from those who habitually wear shoes. Published in Frontiers in Pediatrics, this is the first study to assess the relevance of growing up shod vs. barefoot on jumping, balancing and sprinting motor performance during different stages of childhood and adolescence. Results suggest that regular physical activity without shoes may improve children’s and adolescents’ balancing and jumping skills.
Source: Science Daily

Colin Kaepernick's legal team is attempting to show any potential influence the Trump administration had on the football star remaining out of work

Colin Kaepernick’s legal team is expected to seek subpoenas for President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and other campaign officials relating to the quarterback’s collusion case against the NFL, a source familiar with the ongoing grievance process has told CNN.

Source: CNN

Microsoft's GitHub acquisition: It's all about developer relationships, influence

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