Inmates accused of scamming hundreds of U.S. service members in 'sextortion' ring – NBC News

  1. Inmates accused of scamming hundreds of U.S. service members in ‘sextortion’ ring  NBC News
  2. SC inmates targeted military members in ‘sextortion,’ stole $560,000
  3. Investigators: More than 400 service members tricked out of $560,000 in ‘sextortion ring’ | TheHill  The Hill
  4. Massive sex blackmail scheme run by SC and NC inmates targeted military, officials say  The State
  5. SC inmates posed as women to scam U.S. military members  News 19 WLTX
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Brat to inmates: 'You think you're having a hard time — I've got $5 million in negative ads.'

  1. Brat to inmates: ‘You think you’re having a hard time — I’ve got $5 million in negative ads.’  Washington Post
  2. Brat Hears From Addicts at Chesterfield County Jail  Community Idea Stations
  3. Democrats follow Virginia’s playbook of nominating women in competitive races. Will it work?  Dallas News
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US inmates launch nationwide strike

US inmates launch nationwide strikeUS prisoners on Tuesday declared a nationwide strike demanding changes to correctional institutions including living conditions, pathways to parole and voting rights restoration. The US incarceration rate is the world’s highest: about 2.2 million people were behind bars at the end of 2016, a figure the American Civil Liberties Union says represents approximately one-fifth of the global population of prisoners. The strike — set to continue through September 9, according to organizers — was called in response to a deadly riot in April at a maximum security prison in South Carolina, Lee Correctional Institution.

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