California Searchers Find Woman's Body and Items Belonging to Missing Family

  1. California Searchers Find Woman’s Body and Items Belonging to Missing Family  New York Times
  2. Jennifer Hart was drunk when she drove family off California cliff in deadly crash  New York Daily News
  3. Woman’s body found near where SUV plunged into river with family  CBS News
  4. What’s wrong with Ontario’s child-care plan  The Globe and Mail
  5. How the Hart parents isolated their children to hide signs of abuse  CNN
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Trump lawyers fight to shield items seized in FBI raid

NEW YORK (AP) — Lawyers for President Donald Trump and his personal attorney, Michael Cohen, told a federal judge in New York on Friday that they believe some of the documents and devices seized from Cohen during an FBI raid are protected by attorney-client privilege, and they want a chance to review the items before prosecutors get to examine them….
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Now anyone can easily send items to a US refugee's home family's home , thanks to one woman's 'mama bear instincts'

  1. Now anyone can easily send items to a US refugee’s home family’s home , thanks to one woman’s ‘mama bear instincts’
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  3. Prayers for Chloe: Family said ‘God is good’ even when daughter was on life support  The Decatur Daily
  4. Mystery only deepens of what led to crash, disappearance of Devonte Hart and family
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