US 'firing at itself' with trade measures: China

US 'firing at itself' with trade measures: ChinaChina lashed out at the US Thursday, the day before a trade war is set to erupt between the world’s top two economies, saying that Washington is effectively “firing at itself”. Washington is poised Friday to impose new tariffs on $34 billion in Chinese imports, with Beijing pledging to hit back immediately dollar for dollar. “The US has provoked this trade war, we do not want to fight it, but in order to safeguard the interests of the country and the people, we have no choice but to fight,” said China commerce ministry spokesman Gao Feng.

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Experts say Trump's Russia policy is at odds with itself

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How Americans are celebrating Flag Day  — when the flag itself is more political than ever

The flag has grown unusually political over the last year: President Trump has expounded on the need to ‘stand proudly for the national anthem,’ condemning NFL players who kneel. To some, the flag stands for the freedom of open expression; to others, it represents the sacrifice of military service.




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