Trump colors the fall campaign landscape: 'He's been the only thing that matters'

  1. Trump colors the fall campaign landscape: ‘He’s been the only thing that matters’  Washington Post
  2. Obama, on California Front Lines, Joins Democratic Battle to Capture House  New York Times
  3. ‘We have a chance to restore some sanity’: Obama takes softer approach toward Trump  USA TODAY
  4. Michelle Obama announces September week of action to register, rally voters  USA TODAY
  5. Failed Obama attacks successful Trump in bitter swan song  Fox News
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Opinion: Trump's hideous legal landscape just got worse

A week that began with bad news closed with worse news for Trump. According to the New York Times, the Manhattan district attorney’s office is currently investigating the Trump Organization. In particular, they are examining the source of the payment to porn star Stormy Daniels, and whether any laws were violated in the payout or reimbursement of Michael Cohen, who paid Daniels the $130,000 in question to buy her silence.

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Kirk Cousins deal may have altered NFL landscape forever

  1. Kirk Cousins deal may have altered NFL landscape forever  New York Post
  2. Kirk Cousins Deal Shows Why Free Agency Is the Stupid Season in the NFL  Bleacher Report
  3. StaTuesday: Cousins would mean rare QB stability for Vikings
  4. Quarterbacks, wide receivers and a guard are NFL free agency’s early winners  USA TODAY
  5. Vikings like that?! Kirk Cousins’ expected signing raises Super Bowl hopes  ESPN (blog)
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Android P feature spotlight: Rotation can be temporarily locked to landscape, and other changes

  1. Android P feature spotlight: Rotation can be temporarily locked to landscape, and other changes  Android Police
  2. Android P DP1: WiFi-RTT, Cutout, Multiple Cameras, Animated GIFs, NNAPI 1.1
  3. Android P DP1: Google moved the clock to the left side to accommodate notched displays  9to5Google
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Reshaping energy landscape of phonons in nanocrystals

Phonons, which are packets of vibrational waves that propagate in solids, play a key role in condensed matter and are involved in various physical properties of materials. In nanotechnology, for example, they affect light emission and charge transport of nanodevices. As the main source of energy dissipation in solid-state systems, phonons are the ultimate bottleneck that limits the operation of functional nanomaterials.
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'Epigenetic landscape' is protective in normal aging, impaired in Alzheimer's disease

Researchers profiled the epigenomic landscape of Alzheimer’s brains, specifically in one of the regions affected early in AD, the lateral temporal lobe. They compared these to both younger and elderly cognitively normal control subjects. The team described the genome-wide enrichment of a chemical modification of histone proteins that regulates the compaction of chromosomes in the nucleus. Changes along the genome in disease versus normal aging brains may signify places for future drug development.
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Landscape genetics branches out to help conserve riverside forests

Scientists have examined gene flow in the endangered maple, Acer miyabei, using landscape genetics, a powerful and increasingly popular tool in conservation projects. It involves the integration of population genetics and landscape ecology, in order to examine how recent landscape changes, for example, habitat fragmentation, have affected the genetic diversity of species.
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