Why What You Focus on Matters at Work

Why What You Focus on Matters at WorkIt’s about figuring out how to dodge distractions from their workload so that they have enough time and energy left to channel toward their key projects and career mission. Without being very intentional and conscientious about what you attend to at work, it’s easy to fragment your focus and derail your professional goals. Distractions exist, there’s no way around it — but once you’re aware of what’s out there, you can map out a solid game plan that keeps your interest riveted to what’s essential.

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Trump colors the fall campaign landscape: 'He's been the only thing that matters'

  1. Trump colors the fall campaign landscape: ‘He’s been the only thing that matters’  Washington Post
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  4. Michelle Obama announces September week of action to register, rally voters  USA TODAY
  5. Failed Obama attacks successful Trump in bitter swan song  Fox News
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Analysis: Why Sarah Sanders' 'can't guarantee' answer matters

On Tuesday, after an extended break from the “daily” press briefing, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders took questions from the media. And as you might expect, lots of those questions centered on the allegations made by Omarosa — who, if we’re being honest, doesn’t need her full name for everyone to know who she is — that she is aware of an audio tape of Donald Trump using a racial slur.

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