Analysis: Why Sarah Sanders' 'can't guarantee' answer matters

On Tuesday, after an extended break from the “daily” press briefing, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders took questions from the media. And as you might expect, lots of those questions centered on the allegations made by Omarosa — who, if we’re being honest, doesn’t need her full name for everyone to know who she is — that she is aware of an audio tape of Donald Trump using a racial slur.

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Mom still matters, psychologists report

If you’re a parent who feels your college-age children would choose their friends over you, a new UCLA psychology study has a reassuring message: You’re probably underestimating their loyalty to you. The psychologists demonstrated for the first time that when forced to make a decision that benefits either a parent or a close friend, young adults are more likely to choose the parent.
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Cramer: 10 reasons why Apple hitting $1 trillion matters for the stock market

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Despite digital revolution, distance still matters

Even when people have well-connected social networks beyond their home cities and across state lines, they are still most frequently interacting with people who are geographically nearby. That is one of the major outcomes of an expansive, 16-month study of more than 51 million geo-tagged tweets generated by more than 1.7 million Twitter users across the United States.
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