Hawaii volcano: New land formed as lava flows meet ocean

Hawaii volcano: New land formed as lava flows meet oceanThe footage taken from a helicopter also reveals the interaction between lava and seawater creating a white plume called “laze”. The new land looks stable, but hides a foundation of loose rubble that can collapse into the ocean, according to scientists at the United States Geological Survey. An entire neighbourhood has been wiped off the map in Hawaii as Kilauea continues to spew lava.

Source: Yahoo! News

Patenting marine genetic resources: Who owns ocean biodiversity?

Marine organisms have evolved to thrive in various ocean environments, resulting in unique adaptations that make them the object of commercial interest. Researchers have identified 862 marine species, with a total of 12,998 genetic sequences associated with a patent. They found that a single transnational corporation (BASF, the world’s largest chemical manufacturer) has registered 47 percent of these sequences.
Source: Science Daily