Trump has an opportunity to replace the man who has been a swing vote for decades

Anthony Kennedy’s announcement of his retirement from the Supreme Court on Wednesday creates an opening for President Donald Trump to reshape the ideological makeup of the nation’s highest court for decades to come, a best-case scenario for a Republican Party that only reluctantly accepted the idea of the reality-star-turned-politician as its leader.

Source: CNN

New therapeutic opportunity for the treatment of resistant malignant melanoma

Researchers have revealed that malignant melanoma can reprogram their protein synthesis machinery and become addicted to a new family of enzymes that modify transfer RNAs during acquired resistance. The inhibition of these molecules synergies with targeted therapies to produce a strong anti-tumoral effect. These new findings will be key in the development of improved diagnostic tools and melanoma treatment.
Source: Science Daily

Invest in North Korea: money pit or golden opportunity?

Invest in North Korea: money pit or golden opportunity?Donald Trump dangled the carrot of foreign investment in front of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at their nuclear summit, but analysts say few will want to put money into one of the highest-risk business environments in the world. The US president showed Kim a movie of bright lights, high-speed trains and soaring tower blocks — pitching a future that could be possible if Pyongyang gives up its weapons. Optimists say that with mineral wealth, cheap labour, and a helpful geographical location, the North has huge potential.

Source: Yahoo! News

NASA's Opportunity rover on Mars silenced by intense dust storm. Scientists are 'very concerned'

One of NASA’s robot rovers on Mars has been silenced as a massive dust storm roars across the Martian surface. With its power source — the sun — obscured, the rover Opportunity, “has gone to sleep,” said John Callas, project manager at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.




Source: USA Today