Facebook has removed 4 Infowars pages — but not because of fake news

  1. Facebook has removed 4 Infowars pages — but not because of fake news  TechCrunch
  2. Apple removes Alex Jones podcasts from iTunes for hate speech  The Verge
  3. Apple Removes Five of Six Infowars Podcast Series From iTunes Directory  Mac Rumors
  4. Apple Is Removing Alex Jones And Infowars’ Podcasts From iTunes  BuzzFeed News
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Apple and Facebook crack down on Alex Jones with bans on podcasts and pages

  1. Apple and Facebook crack down on Alex Jones with bans on podcasts and pages  CNBC
  2. Apple Pulls Infowars Podcasts from iTunes, Facebook Deletes Alex Jones Pages  Variety
  3. Apple removes InfoWars podcasts from its platforms  Engadget
  4. Facebook suspends personal profile of InfoWars founder Alex Jones  CNNMoney
  5. Apple Takes Down Vast Majority of Alex Jones’ Podcasts  Daily Beast
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Senate digs through record 1 million pages of documents on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh

Senators have begun the deepest dive ever into the writings of a Supreme Court nominee, digging into a record 1 million-plus pages of documents from Brett Kavanaugh’s career as a judge and White House attorney. But Democrats and Republicans are battling over whether they should have access to more.




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In nearly 500 pages of answers, Facebook stonewalls some senators' questions

  1. In nearly 500 pages of answers, Facebook stonewalls some senators’ questions  Ars Technica
  2. Reporters learned that ex-Cambridge Analytica staffers are working for Trump 2020 by overhearing a conversation  Mashable
  3. Facebook’s head of communications & public policy is leaving the company  Marketing Land
  4. The US Should Pay Attention to Foreign Cambridge Analytica Probes  WIRED
  5. AP: Trump 2020 working with ex-Cambridge Analytica staffers  ABC News
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Federal Prosecutors Uncover Over 700 pages of Encrypted Messages in Michael Cohen Probe

  1. Federal Prosecutors Uncover Over 700 pages of Encrypted Messages in Michael Cohen Probe  Daily Beast
  2. Cohen looks to force Michael Avenatti to stop talking about Stormy Daniels case  Washington Post
  3. Feds reassemble shredded docs, access encrypted messages from Michael Cohen raids  Politico
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North Korea state media plasters front pages with leader's Singapore trip

North Korea state media plasters front pages with leader's Singapore tripJust hours after Kim Jong Un wrapped up a surprise evening sightseeing tour of Singapore on Monday, the North Korean newspaper Rodong Sinmun crammed its front page with photographs snapped of the reclusive leader. The official newspaper of the Workers’ Party of Korea featured 14 photographs, covering more than half of the front page of its Tuesday issue, showing Kim jovially walking with oficials from the city-state at a tropical garden as well as beside an infinity pool. The speed of the coverage in Rodong Sinmun and other state media is unusual in a country where events are often reported a full day, if not longer, after they happen. The sense of fun in the reporting is also a contrast with the more sober way in which the North Korean media would usually handle an official trip. It appears to reflect a new confidence among officials in North Korea that the isolated country has really been accepted onto the world stage. This is the furthest Kim is known to have traveled since he came to power in 2011 and there has never previously been a meeting between a US president and a North Korean leader. Kim Jong Un’s late night stroll through Singapore makes the front page of the Rodong Sinmun back home – very unusual to see them report at this speed pic.twitter.com/qGcIuV7ssH— Martyn Williams (@martyn_williams) June 11, 2018 Despite all pomp and circumstance, ordinary North Koreans are not confident that improvement in relations between the North and the United States will last long and give them a better economy, defectors say. “They weren’t too excited about the summit. North Korea had rice and medicine aid from the United States and other countries before, but that did not trickle down to ordinary people,” said Park Hyun-sook, a defector who spoke to two relatives inside the North by phone on Saturday. “Under sanctions, we have figured out the way to live on our own. Even under any better relationship with the U.S., it would be the same,” Park told Reuters. Park used to smuggle North Korean goods into China to make a living near the border. North Korean TV just aired a report on Kim’s Sunday departure, arrival and meet with Singapore PM. 5 repeats scheduled today. If you’re curious what “Donald J Trump” sounds like in Korean, see if you can hear Ri Chun Hee say his name. Full video: https://t.co/LpEIyUOAwUpic.twitter.com/jE9u3Nhaiy— Martyn Williams (@martyn_williams) June 11, 2018 Many North Koreans are still filled with deep-rooted distrust towards Trump, which state media previously called a “lunatic old man”, said Daily NK, a news website run by North Korean defectors who retain contacts with sources inside. North Korea’s official media brought a large number of reporters and camera operators to Singapore for the Kim trip, and they had access to various locations that was denied to media from elsewhere in the world. For previous trips by Kim to China, state media had mostly reported the visits after Kim had returned to Pyongyang. In the case of the inter-Korea summit – which began on the morning of April 27 – the coverage was largely delayed until early the next day. In addition to the pictures of Kim on the tour on Tuesday, separate landscape shots of the Marina Bay Sands hotel, and a bird’s-eye view of Singapore from the hotel’s observation deck were also shown. The meeting was played out on huge screens in central Tokyo Credit:  Koji Sasahara/ AP KCNA reported Kim as saying of the sightseeing tour that “Singapore is clean and beautiful and every building is stylish as he heard of in the past, adding he is going to learn a lot from the good knowledge and experience of Singapore in various fields in the future.” On Monday, Rodong Sinmun had shown Kim just before departing Pyongyang for Singapore, shaking hands with his officials and waving his hand inside the entrance of an Air China airplane ahead of takeoff. State television aired the same photographs of Kim’s departure as well as his arrival in Singapore and the North Korean leader’s meeting with Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at the Presidential Palace. Protests, however, were held in South Korea where president Moon Jae-in watched on hopefully Credit:  JUNG YEON-JE/AFP The North Korean media still faces some barriers, though. It doesn’t go live for such sensitive events. In the capital of Pyongyang, North Koreans watched a big TV screen playing still photographs of Kim’s visit to Singapore and read a newspaper about the trip at a subway station, media photographs showed. But, on Tuesday, while all other international networks went live with Kim and Trump’s first handshake and opening remarks at their meeting, the official Korean Central Television remained blank, choosing not to break with its usual broadcast schedule that usually begins five hours later.

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Royal wedding front pages from around the world: 'Two people fell in love and we all showed up' 

Royal wedding front pages from around the world: 'Two people fell in love and we all showed up' Prince Harry married Meghan Markle in a ceremony that proved a fitting mix of the traditional and the unconventional, merging British tradition with American music and accents. The Prince and his beaming bride exchanged vows in front of 600 guests in St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. But the BBC estimated the global audience would reach as many as 1.9 billion people.   This is how the world’s media reacted to the royal wedding. The Sunday Telegraph The Sunday Telegraph The Observer ‘Two people fell in love and we all showed up’ The Observer The Mail on Sunday Harry ever after! The Mail on Sunday The Sunday Times ‘Two people fell in love and we all showed up’ The Sunday Times The Sunday People The Perfect Kiss Sunday People The Sun on Sunday Kisstory – Harry and Meg’s historic change for monarchy The Sun on Sunday The Sunday Mirror Harry and glorious Sunday Mirror The Sunday Express So in love Sunday Express The Daily Star Sunday Harry and Meghan make kisstory Daily Star Sunday The i The happy couple The i weekend The Independent Special relationship: An American feminist actor joins the Windsors The Independent The Sunday Mail Harry beams and Meghan sparkles Sunday Mail The Sunday Telegraph (Sydney) True love’s kiss The Sunday Telegraph Credit: Getty Images The Sun-Herald (Sydney) Power of love The Sun-Herald Credit: Getty Images The Sunday Mail (Queensland) Modern love Sunday Mail The New York Daily News They do royal weddings. We do schoolkids’ funerals  New York Daily News New York Post Palace coo – American beauty storms UK, captures hearts New York Post Le Dauphiné libéré  (Grenoble) Un “oui” princier – A princely yes Le Dauphiné libéré Der Tagesspiegel (Berlin) The power of love Der Tagesspiegel La Vanguardia (Barcelona) A real wedding to break moulds La Vanguardia The Herald on Sunday (Auckland) Jewel in the crown The Herald on Sunday Khaleej Times (Dubai) Dubai lives the royal wedding Khaleej Times How America watched the wedding Martin Luther King’s daughter expressed her delight at the use of the civil rights activist’s words in the royal wedding ceremony on Saturday.  Bernice King tweeted: “Your life, teachings and words still matter so much, Daddy. Congrats, Harry and Meghan”. Elsewhere across the US, royal fans gathered in the early hours to celebrate the historic occasion.  More than 100 pupils turned out at Immaculate Heart High School in Los Angeles, Meghan Markle’s former school, to watch her marriage to Prince Harry.  There was a collective gasp in the auditorium at 4am local time, as they got their first glimpse of the bride. People in Los Angeles, Ms Markle’s home town, cheer during a watching party at the Cat & Fiddle pub in Hollywood Credit: Reuters Many of the girls attended the watch party with their parents. Annemarie Sauer Hale, whose daughter Michaela attends the school, was a little surprised by the dress.  “It was a little more conservative than I expected but she looked radiant,” she said. “And then the tiara that the queen let her borrow and the veil that went on for days. It was lovely, it was beautiful.” Our picture editors’ 20 favourite images of the Royal wedding Mother Carol Dance said  the school fosters a strong sense of sisterhood and independence. “They make empowered women here, it’s really nice to see a woman of strength being able to use her position to further her own causes. And it’s obvious that her husband is really charmed by that power too,” she said. My very best wishes to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on their wedding day. To all of those joining the national celebration with street parties and other events, have a wonderful day. #RoyalWedding— Theresa May (@theresa_may) May 19, 2018 “I think it’s a good step forward and globalisation of the world and this kind of ‘one love’ feeling which they talked about in the sermon,” Mother Stacey Johnson said. The young girls are excited to watch Meghan, as she takes on her new role in Kensington Palace. “She’s the only person of colour that’s in the entire royal family,” said Marigrace Carrasco, a 15-year-old student. “It’s crazy to think that you don’t have to fit in a certain box to make change in the world. She has all this global influence. I believe her a lot, I put my trust in her.” Guests toast at a Viewing Party at New York’s Plaza Hotel  Credit: Getty Scores of well-wishers descended on the British-themed The Cat And Fiddle pub in Hollywood, celebrating Ms Markle’s local connection. Immaculate Heart students praise non-traditional royal wedding of alum Meghan Markle https://t.co/MMJlyVV49Wpic.twitter.com/AhZyuBi00P— Los Angeles Times (@latimes) May 19, 2018 The Chicago Tribune also found a local angle to the nuptials. It headlined its coverage: “Northwestern grad Meghan Markle marries Prince Harry in historic, star-studded ceremony at Windsor Castle.” Royalists watch on at Kanata Sports Club in Ottawa, Canada Credit: Bloomberg Harvey Young, Ms Markle’s Drama professor at Chicago’s Northwestern University, praised her choice of service. “Meghan has written about her mother being misrepresented as a nanny. When Meghan talks about celebrating who she is as a woman it’s to celebrate her blackness as well as her whiteness,” he said And speaking of diplomacy,Harry’s amazing bride Megan did an internship at @USEmbArgentina.You can apply for a @StateDept internship at https://t.co/15LFveTgcJ – sorry, internship doesn’t come with a #RoyalWedding! 2/2— Laura Kennedy (@AmbKennedy_ret) May 19, 2018 “That service is one that brings together everyone. I think you saw Black virtuosity on display, it’s wonderful, extraordinary. Meghan should be proud of the ceremony.” Deborah Cohen, a  history professor, added somewhat caustically: “It’s the longest-running reality show with an endless replenishing set of characters. Meghan represents another stage of it.”  Bill de Blasio, the New York Mayor tweeted his support for the young couple, alongside his wife: Congrats, Meghan and Harry! Keep doing things your way. Britain will never be the same – and that’s a good thing. https://t.co/4UYiOCaarN— Bill de Blasio (@NYCMayor) May 19, 2018 The Los Angeles Times was taken with the “pomp and pageantry” of the occasion and the personal aside from Prince Harry when he told his bride. “You look amazing.” It was, the paper continued: “a tradition imbued ceremony” seen by millions worldwide. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle during their wedding at St George’s Chapel Credit:  Dominic Lipinski/PA “In an eclectic and evocative wedding service that blended the stylings of a gospel choir with a soprano’s classical rendition of Handel, the two — gazing into one another’s eyes and smiling — were pronounced man and wife in the gothic St. George’s Chapel within the walls of Windsor Castle, a millennium-old seat of British royalty.” The New York Post, one of the city’s tabloids, joyfully announced “Meghan Markle is now a royal”. It continued: “The American ‘Suits’ actress, 36, tied the knot with Prince Harry in a wedding ceremony at London’s St. George’s chapel at Windsor Castle on Saturday attended by the royal family as well as celebrity pals including Oprah Winfrey, George and Amal Clooney, Serena Williams, James Corden and Priyanka Chopra.” The New York Times said that Meghan Markle was in the span of an hour “transformed from a Ms. to Duchess.” For the New York Daily News, the ceremony was “emotional.” It added : “Prince Harry has officially settled down with American actress Meghan Markle after a touching ceremony held at St. George’s Chapel on the Windsor Castle grounds. Canada Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, where Ms Markle lived for the past seven years while filming for the legal drama Suits, sent his congratulations to the royals. He announced that the country would donate $50,000 to a children’s charity to mark the occasion.  “To celebrate their union, Canada will donate 50,000 dollars to Jumpstart, a Canadian charity dedicated to making play and sports more accessible to children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Since 2005, Jumpstart has helped more than 1.6 million children of all abilities get out on the field and be part of a team. “Sophie and I congratulate the newlyweds on behalf of the Government of Canada. We wish Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Sussex a lifetime of happiness, and all the best as they start this new chapter together. We look forward to welcoming them on a future visit to Canada,” he said. Britain’s Prince Harryspeaks with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during a reception in April 2018 Credit: Matt Dunham/AP South Africa Nearly 5,600 miles away from Windsor, in South Africa, organisers of a party for up to 5,000 people arranged champagne, Union flag cupcakes and even bagpipe players. Lize Millward, manager at 1Fox in Johannesburg, said: “People seem to like them because Harry is a really down-to-earth person, no chip on his shoulder, and Meghan, being an actress, people have seen her on TV and are interested in her.” A couple dressed as Britain’s Prince Harry and Meghan Markle kiss during a group photograph at a party in Durban, South Africa Credit:  ROGAN WARD/Reuters Russia In the Russian capital there was applause at St Andrew’s Anglican Church as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were declared husband and wife by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby. Rev Canon Malcolm Rogers, St Andrew’s Chaplain, said around 200 people of different nationalities, roughly two thirds of them Russian, were at the church less than a mile from the Kremlin. “The talk (by Rev Michael Curry) received applause – and people were a bit amused by how the congregation looked during the address,” he said. “In the current tensions, especially here in Moscow, it is a great thing to bring us together – perhaps an example of the power of love spoken about by the preacher.” Royal wedding | Read more  

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Senate Panel Releases 2500 Pages of Testimony on Meeting Between Trump Campaign Officials and Russians

  1. Senate Panel Releases 2500 Pages of Testimony on Meeting Between Trump Campaign Officials and Russians  Wall Street Journal
  2. Trump Jr: Can’t recall discussing Russia probe with father  Yahoo News
  3. Senate panel releases report on 2016 Trump Tower meeting  BBC News
  4. Thousands of pages of congressional testimony shed light on 2016 Trump Tower meeting  Washington Post
  5. Senate releases insider accounts of Trump Tower meeting between campaign aides and Russian emissaries  ABC News
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