Leak Reveals 'The Division 2' Will Channel 'Fallout 3' In A Plague-Ravaged Washington DC

  1. Leak Reveals ‘The Division 2’ Will Channel ‘Fallout 3’ In A Plague-Ravaged Washington DC  Forbes
  2. The Division 2 is set in Washington, DC  PCGamesN
  3. The Division 2 Looks To Be Set in Washington DC, Will Pack Special Weapons Like Crossbow & Grenade Launcher  Wccftech
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Oldest bubonic plague genome decoded

An international team has analyzed two 3,800-year-old Y. pestis genomes that suggest a Bronze Age origin for bubonic plague. The study shows that this strain is the oldest sequenced to date that contains the virulence factors considered characteristic of the bubonic plague and is ancestral to the strain that caused the Black Death.
Source: Science Daily

'PUBG' FPS Drops & Crashes Plague Latest Anti-Cheat Update

  1. ‘PUBG’ FPS Drops & Crashes Plague Latest Anti-Cheat Update  Newsweek
  2. Battlegrounds’ Latest Anti-Cheat Patch Is Causing A Lot of Problems  Kotaku
  3. PUBG’s latest anti-cheat update causing crashes and wild FPS fluctuations for some players  PC Gamer
  4. [FYI] – Avoid playing after the update, you might get randomly banned until BlueBalls fix their shit. : PUBATTLEGROUNDS  Reddit
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