Fed holds interest rates steady, clears way for hike in September despite escalating tariff fights

The Fed signaled a rate hike is likely in September by not mentioning trade conflicts, which, if not resolved quickly, could dampen the economy by goosing inflation and hobbling exports. The Fed didn’t tip its hand on whether policymakers will hoist rates in December for a 4th time in 2018.




Source: USA Today

China raises tariff rates for some U.S. optical fiber products, from July 11

China raises tariff rates for some U.S. optical fiber products, from July 11BEIJING (Reuters) – China’s commerce ministry said on Tuesday it is raising “anti-dumping tariff rates” for some optical fiber products originating from the United States, effective on Wednesday, July 11. The new anti-dumping tariff rates for dispersion unshifted single-mode optical fiber imported from the U.S. range between 33.3 percent to 78.2 percent, compared with 4.7 percent to 18.6 percent as set in 2011. U.S. companies including Corning Inc, OFS Fitel, LLC and Draka Communications Americas Inc are among firms affected by the tariff change, the ministry said on its website. …

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What does global climate have to do with erosion rates?

Geoscientists have been intrigued by a potential link between erosion rates at the Earth’s surface and changes in global climate. A new study now calls into question this link. A team of researchers re-examined 30 locations with reported accelerated erosion after the onset of glacial-interglacial cycles a few million years ago. In nearly all of the locations, the proposed link between erosion and global climate could not be confirmed.
Source: Science Daily

Harvard Rates Asian-American Applicants Lower On "Personal Qualities," Lawsuit Alleges

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