Relief fund established for Massachusetts gas explosion victims; probe targets sensors

A relief fund will be established to help Massachusetts residents whose lives were disrupted by a series of natural gas fires and explosions. The announcement came one day after the head of the National Transportation Safety Board said the investigation was partially focused on pressure sensors.




Source: USA Today

European stocks rise on Swedish vote relief

European stocks rise on Swedish vote reliefEuropean equities rose Monday as the far-right failed to make as large gains as expected in Swedish elections, while US stocks held earlier gains, cautiously resisting pressure from soaring trade war concerns. In Europe, investors appeared relieved about the dampening prospect of a “Swexit”, giving Stockholm’s benchmark OMX 30 index of major companies a boost of 0.4 percent in value at close of trade, while the Swedish krona steadied. There were similar gains for the Frankfurt and Paris indices, as investors welcomed the thinning prospect of a Swedish bid to follow in Britain’s footsteps and seek to withdraw from the European Union.

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"Almost relief": Lawyer describes Harvey Weinstein's reaction to Asia Argento report

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New Betsy DeVos rule would limit loan relief for defrauded students

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