Woman survives seven days trapped after crashing car off California cliff by drinking radiator water 

Woman survives seven days trapped after crashing car off California cliff by drinking radiator water An Oregon woman who disappeared a week ago was rescued from the bottom of a California coastal cliff where she survived by drinking water from the radiator of her wrecked sports utility vehicle, authorities said on Saturday. Angela Hernandez, 23, of Portland was found by a pair of hikers on Friday evening after they saw her wrecked Jeep Patriot SUV partially submerged at the bottom of a 200-foot cliff in the Big Sur area, said Monterey County Sheriff’s Office spokesman John Thornburg. Her disappearance captured widespread attention after she and her vehicle were last seen on a surveillance camera video at a Carmel gas station on July 6, about 50 miles north of the stretch of Highway 1 where she was found. The hikers discovered Hernandez conscious, breathing and with a shoulder injury, Thornburg said. Rescuers managed to get her up the cliff and to a helicopter which flew her to a nearby hospital. She was in fair and stable condition but appeared to have suffered a concussion during the collision, the California Highway Patrol said in a statement. Rescuers say the women is extremely lucky to have survived Credit: Reuters Hernandez told investigators she swerved to avoid hitting an animal on Highway 1 on July 6 and plunged over the cliff north of Nacimiento Fergusson Road. She stayed alive “by drinking water from the radiator of her vehicle,” according to the Highway Patrol. “It’s usually the fall that gets them, or the ocean that gets them, and she was lucky to survive both,” said Thornburg. Hernandez was on a road trip from her home in Portland to visit her sister Isabel in Lancaster, Los Angeles County, when she crashed. “My sister survived 7 days alone 200ft down a cliff on HW1,” her sister Isabel Hernandez said in a Facebook post on Saturday. “This is very traumatic and will be a slow recovery process.”

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Seven black rhinos die in Kenya in botched relocation -media

Seven black rhinos die in Kenya in botched relocation -mediaSeven black rhinos are dead after a botched relocation by Kenya Wildlife Service, the Daily Nation newspaper reported on Friday. The rhinos, who are part of a critically endangered species, died in “unclear circumstances” at the Tsavo East National Park, the newspaper reported. Kenya had a rhino population of 1,258 in 2017 of which 745 are black rhinos, 510 are southern white rhinos and three were northern white rhinos, having grown from less than 400 rhinos in the 1980s.

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Meet the seven British divers playing leading roles in the Thai cave rescue mission

Meet the seven British divers playing leading roles in the Thai cave rescue missionIt was the most challenging underground rescue in history, and Thai authorities drafted in more than 90 of the world’s finest special forces soldiers. But the spearhead of the Thai cave rescue operation depended on seven British civilians who learnt their craft exploring the chilly waters of abandoned mines and limestone caves of England and Wales. Vernon Unsworth First on the scene was Vernon Unsworth, who is from St Albans but now lives in Thailand.  Mr Unsworth, an experienced diver who now lives close to the caves, was crucial in persuading Thai authorities to bring in UK expertise.  “When Thai Navy Seals went into the cave but they could not see anything because the water is so muddy so they came back,  Chaiyon Srisamut, a friend of Mr Unsworth,  told the Daily Mail.  British caver Vernon Unsworth gets out of a pick up truck near the Tham Luang cave complex Credit: REUTERS/Panu Wongcha-um “He knew some English guys who could definitely help.”  John Volanthen and Rick Stanton  With the go-ahead from Thai authorities, Mr Unsworth contacted John Volanthen, an IT consultant based in Bristol, and Rick Stanton, a former midlands fire fighter.   The pair have been described as the “A Team” by Bill Whitehouse, vice chairman of the British Cave Rescue Council.  John Volanthen  Credit: Facebook Mr Stanton, 56, Mr Volanthen, 47, discovered the boys and their coach trapped in an air pocket 2.5 miles into the cave system last week. Mr Whitehous told Radio 4’s Today programme last week: “They have been at the spearhead of making their way through because they have the skills and expertise to do it. “One of the first things they had to do in pushing through is lay a guideline so that they could get out again and so others could follow along.” Richard Stanton  Credit:  Coventry Telegraph Voices heard on a video of the moment the group was discovered in the cave belong to Mr Stanton and Mr Volanthen. The pair have established a reputation as being among the greatest cave rescue divers on the planet – but both have day jobs in the UK. Mr Stanton has been a firefighter in Coventry for quarter of a century, while Mr Volanthen is an IT consultant based in Bristol. Both are volunteers with the South and Mid Wales Cave Rescue Team. In 2011, the pair set a world record for the longest cave dive, penetrating 9km (5.5 miles) down a system in northern Spain using specially developed equipment. Robert Harper British diver Robert Charles Harper Credit:  REUTERS/Soe Zeya Tun The UK divers operation to locate the lost boys was overseen by Mr Harper, 70, a veteran potholing expert from Somerset.  He was given a hero’s send-off by the Thai authorities as he left Thailand on Thursday.   Weerasak Kowsurat, the sports minister, thanked him for his “dedication to duty and professionalism,” before he left.  Chris Jewell and Jason Mallison The British team were joined by two more divers: Chris Jewell and Jason Mallison of the Cave Diving Group, Britain’s oldest amateur association of subterranean divers.  Both are considered experts in the tight-knit community of cave divers.  Mr Mallison previously rescued six British cavers from Mexico’s Cueva de Alpazat cave system. In 2010, he joined up with Mr Stanton and Mr Volanthen to break the record for the longest ever cave dive. The trio, along with Dutch explorer Rene Houben, spent 50 hours underground charting 5.5 miles of previously unexplored submerged caves in Mexico. Tim Acton Also on the scene was Tim Acton, 39, who grew up in Harwich and first learnt his trade diving off the Essex coast. He moved to Southeast Asia 12 years ago and now runs a holiday complex in Thailand with his wife, Took. In 2004 he was caught up in the Boxing Day Tsunami and earned a commendation from the British Ambassador for his efforts to save lives when the village where he was running a diving school was swamped. He was invited to join the cave rescue by contacts in the Thai Navy SEALs. He was inside the cave system several times during the operation. During the rescue operation, his father, John, 71, said: “There’s a total media blackout at the moment so we are getting no information.  Tim Acton and his family Credit: Family handout “All I know is Tim got a call to go on stand by to go to the caves by the Thai Naval Seals and he had to send the measurements of his shoulders because they didn’t know if his shoulders were too big to go in there.  “Then he got the call to go to (Chiang Rai) they picked him up to go to the airport, apparently they are in excellent accommodation.  “He was told there were 55 naval seals in Team One and in Team Two, which he was to be part of, was the supply team with 20 ex-Naval Seals and two Westerners – Tim and his mate who is a Spaniard.  “Up until Saturday besides the two English divers who found them they were the only two Western divers, since them I’m led to believe an Australian cave diving team has gone in there. “I’m very proud of the fact of his selflessness. He’s doing nothing different to what our armed forces, police and firemen do every day, by putting his life at risk to help someone else.  “I spoke to him just before he left … he said he was feeling a bit nervous which I was pleased about.  “If he didn’t have any nerves I’d be a bit worried.”  

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Japan hangs seven members of doomsday cult that attacked subway with sarin

Japan hangs seven members of doomsday cult that attacked subway with sarinBy Elaine Lies and Kiyoshi Takenaka TOKYO (Reuters) – Japan executed on Friday the former leader of a doomsday cult and six other members of the group that carried out a sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway in 1995, killing 13 people and shattering the country’s myth of public safety. The Aum Shinrikyo, or Aum Supreme Truth cult, which mixed Buddhist and Hindu meditation with apocalyptic teachings, staged a series of crimes including simultaneous sarin gas attacks on subway trains during rush hour in March 1995. The images of bodies, many in business suits, sprawled across platforms stunned Japan, and triggered public safety steps such as the removal of non-transparent rubbish bins that remain in force to this day.

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Amy Coney Barrett: How a Catholic professor and mother-of-seven became the conservative dream for Supreme Court

Amy Coney Barrett: How a Catholic professor and mother-of-seven became the conservative dream for Supreme CourtA devout Catholic, law professor and mother-of seven has emerged as the conservatives favourite as Donald Trump prepares to name a new Supreme Court Justice – an appointment that could have huge ramifications on many of the nation’s most controversial issues. After Justice Anthony Kennedy – a frequent wing voter on the court – announced last month he was standing down after 31 years service, Mr Trump said he was working through a list of 25 replacements and would announce his decision on Monday July 9. “These are very talented people, brilliant people,” Mr Trump said on Tuesday during an appearance in West Virginia.

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Mum shocked after her SEVEN-year-old daughter's character is 'gang-raped' in popular video game, Roblox

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Apple and Samsung Settle Seven-Year-Old iPhone Patent Dispute

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Seven Suspects Held in Slaying of Bronx Teen Lesandro Guzman-Feliz

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