As U.S. shrinks refugee operations, new arrivals in Kansas town lose a lifeline

GARDEN CITY, Kansas (Reuters) – In his first whirlwind weeks in the United States, Wimber Htoo, 23, racked up a list of accomplishments. He learned to use the bus, applied for a social security card and obtained a state ID, all new experiences for Htoo, a member of the Karen minority who fled Myanmar as a teenager for a refugee camp in Thailand.

Source: Reuters

President Trump shrinks from another fight with China

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US shrinks its Cuba mission after mystery 'attacks'

US shrinks its Cuba mission after mystery 'attacks'The United States is to permanently scale back its mission to Cuba after what it alleges were series of mystery “attacks” on the health diplomats, the State Department said Friday. The Havana embassy had already been operating with a reduced staff since September 2017, when diplomats and family members were evacuated after suffering brain injuries. Cuba’s communist government has angrily denied that it had anything to do with any attack on US personnel, and US officials have been unable to determine the cause of the injuries.

Source: Yahoo! News