Simple but effective: Spontaneous synthesis of homogenous polymer networks

Researchers have developed a spontaneous polymer network synthesis that allowed for the preparation of gels containing narrow molecular weight distribution polymers. The gel networks showed swelling properties that were responsive to temperature and solvent concentration. The reported process demonstrates the potential for facile preparation of high quality materials that exhibit the full range of polymer gel properties, including sustained release, stimuli responsiveness, and molecular sieving, amongst others.
Source: Science Daily

Red or yellow? A simple paper test detects false or substandard antibiotics

A laboratory is putting chemistry to work on a simple, inexpensive way to identify falsified or substandard antibiotics, offering a practical solution to a very real problem. The researchers have created a paper-based test that can quickly determine whether an antibiotic sample is appropriate strength, or diluted with filler substances like baking soda. Similar to the mechanism of a home pregnancy test, a strip of paper turns a distinctive color if a falsified antibiotic is present.
Source: Science Daily

There's an incredibly simple reason Donald Trump wants to sit down with Robert Mueller

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