Ferrari reveals one-off SP38 supercar

Ferrari reveals one-off SP38 supercarFor most people, owning a brand new Ferrari is an aspiration in life that will probably never go any further than that, but for some lucky people even an “off-the-shelf” Ferrari just won’t cut it. This surprise supercar is a road and track-going car with an all-new body covered in three-layer metallic red paint built on the chassis and running gear of a donor 488 GTB, with an F40-influenced twin-turbo and twin-intercooler engine. When viewed from above, the sharply tapered nose expands towards muscular wheel arches to give the car what Ferrari calls “potency and agility.” The inset headlights that are specific to this creation were designed to be as thin as possible, with the now-mandatory daytime running lights relocated for additional character and to add functionality to a slim bumper lip with more than a passing resemblance to the 308 GTB.

Source: Yahoo! News