Reality TV surgeon arrested over drugging and rape may have 'thousands of victims': authorities

  1. Reality TV surgeon arrested over drugging and rape may have ‘thousands of victims’: authorities  Fox News
  2. A California Doctor and His Girlfriend Were Charged With Drugging and Raping Multiple Women  TIME
  3. Reality TV contestant and girlfriend arrested for drugging, raping women  USA TODAY
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Thousands Fled Homes After Apparent Gas Explosions, Fires In Massachusetts

  1. Thousands Fled Homes After Apparent Gas Explosions, Fires In Massachusetts  NPR
  2. Deadly Gas Explosions Near Boston Put Focus on Pipeline Safety  Bloomberg
  3. ‘It looked like Armageddon’: Homes burn in Massachusetts towns after suspected gas explosions  CNN
  4. 1 dead, at least 10 injured in Merrimack Valley gas disaster  Eagle-Tribune
  5. 1 dead, at least 10 injured in Merrimack Valley gas disaster  Eagle-Tribune
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Philippines evacuates thousands ahead of Super Typhoon Mangkhut

  1. Philippines evacuates thousands ahead of Super Typhoon Mangkhut  CNN
  2. Typhoon Mangkhut Live Updates: Philippines Braces for the Worst  New York Times
  3. ‘Super typhoon’ far more powerful than Florence hurtling towards millions
  4. Mangkhut: Thousands evacuate as storm bears down on Philippines
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Pope summons bishops for sex abuse scandal meeting as thousands of cases emerge in Germany

Pope summons bishops for sex abuse scandal meeting as thousands of cases emerge in GermanyPope Francis has summoned senior Catholic bishops from around the world to the Vatican to discuss the protection of minors, in his latest attempt to come to grips with a spreading sexual abuse crisis. The heads of the national Catholic bishops’ conferences will meet with Francis from February 21-24 next year, a Vatican spokeswoman said. The announcement came at the end of a three-day meeting of the “C-9”, a group of nine cardinals from around the world who members meet about four times a year to advise the pope. The spokeswoman said the sexual abuse crisis was a main topic at the meeting, which six of the members attended. The Catholic Church is facing sexual abuse scandals in the United States, Chile, Australia and Germany, among others. Der Spiegel magazine reported on Wednesday that a study commissioned by the German Bishops’ Conference had revealed that 1,670 clerics and priests had sexually abused 3,677 minors, mostly males, in Germany over a 70-year period. In the United States, a Grand Jury has found that 301 priests in the state of Pennsylvania sexually abused minors over a similar period. Francis meets on Thursday with US Church leaders to discuss that report as well as a scandal involving a former American cardinal and demands from an Italian archbishop, Carlo Maria Viganò, that the pontiff step down over that case. Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, president of the US bishops’ conference, asked for the meeting after Viganò last month accused the pope of knowing for years about sexual misconduct by former US cardinal Theodore McCarrick and doing nothing about it.. Viganò said he had told Francis soon after the pontiff’s election in 2013 that McCarrick, former archbishop of Washington D.C., had engaged in sexual misconduct with adult male seminarians. McCarrick resigned in July over separate allegations – which US Church officials said were “credible and substantiated” – that he had abused a 16-year-old boy almost 50 years ago. McCarrick, whom the pope ordered to live a life of seclusion and penitence, has said he has “absolutely no recollection” of such an incident. He has not commented on the allegations of misconduct with the adult seminarians. Hours after Viganò’s statement was published, Francis told reporters that he would “not say a word” about it because it “speaks for itself”. However, the Vatican is now preparing a response. Cardinal Donald Wuerl, who succeeded McCarrick as archbishop of Washington D.C., told priests on Tuesday that he would travel to Rome to discuss his future with the pope. Wuerl, 77, who was bishop of Pittsburgh between 1988 and 2006, has been under scrutiny over his handling of sexual abuse cases during the period addressed by the Pennsylvania Grand Jury. Wuerl has defended his overall record in Pittsburgh, but has also been accused of knowing about sexual misconduct by McCarrick, which he denies.

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Daily Digit: Activists raise thousands for anti-Ted Cruz billboard

Daily Digit: Activists raise thousands for anti-Ted Cruz billboardDaily Digit is the story behind the numbers that make our world work. Today we’re looking at the senate race in Texas. Nearly $10,000 was raised to put one of Donald Trump’s anti-Ted Cruz tweets on a billboard. A GoFundMe page organized by political group USA Latinx surpassed its $6,000 goal in less than 24 hours with help from Parkland survivor David Hogg and Claude Taylor, chairman of Mad Dog PAC. The group’s goal is to remind Texans of how Trump really feels about Cruz even though the president will stomp for the senator at a rally in October. A recent Emerson College poll shows a tight race between Cruz and his Democratic opponent, Beto O’Rourke. However, a Democratic senator has not been elected in Texas since 1988.

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War catches up with thousands of Syrians who fled to Idlib for safety

War catches up with thousands of Syrians who fled to Idlib for safetyWhen the fighters of the Islamic State (Isil) began to murder opposition activists in Aleppo, Mostafa and his family fled south towards Raqqa.  When Raqqa fell to the jihadists, they fled again, this time to the northern countryside of Aleppo near the border with Turkey.  And when Assad’s forces took control of the countryside in 2015, they fled to Idlib, now the last-remaining rebel stronghold in Syria. “We’ve been here about three years. Idlib has been a safe place for us,” Mostafa told The Sunday Telegraph. “But we always know this day would come. Everyone in Syria knows you can go to another place but the war will follow you.” For Mostafa and around one million other displaced Syrians, Idlib has been a place of relative safety after being forced to flee their homes.  Families from all over Syria – Aleppo, Ghouta, Daraa, and a dozen other bombed-out cities – converged on the rural northwestern province after their own hometowns were overrun by Isil or the regime. Around half of the 2.5 million civilians in Idlib arrived there recently from somewhere else. Syrian and Russian jets pounded Idlib on Saturday Credit: Photo by Ekrem Masry/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images But Idlib’s time as a sanctuary looks to be coming to an end. Syrian regime forces are massing on the borders of the province and appear to be preparing for a final assault under the cover of Russian airpower.  Russian war planes launched 60 raids in less than three hours on Saturday, signaling the potential start of the attack. Four civilians were killed in the strikes, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.  “Sometimes I tell people what happened in Ghouta and they shake their heads. I don’t think they believe me,” said Muhammad, a 27-year-old who arrived in Idlib in March after surviving the regime’s five-year siege of Ghouta, a Damascus suburb.  “People don’t know the threat waiting for them because they don’t have the experience I have.” At the end of previous sieges, the regime would often give rebel fighters and the civilians who support them the option of going to Idlib in return for surrendering. Green buses would ferry the defeated to Idlib, which is largely under the control of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham, al-Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate.  Hayat Tahrir al-Sham controls much of the province  Credit: OMAR HAJ KADOUR/AFP/Getty Images Now there is nowhere left to run. All other rebel-held areas have fallen to Assad’s forces and Turkey has closed its border, saying it cannot take another influx of Syrian refugees. Smugglers can still get people across the border but at a cost of $3,000 (£2,321), far beyond the means of most people.   “Everyone is asking the same hard question: what will you do if the regime comes?” said Ahmad, who came to Idlib after Assad’s forces overran Aleppo in late 2016. “Many people will fight to the death.”  One small source of comfort is the Turkish military presence in Idlib. Turkey’s forces have set up around a dozen military posts and civilians hope they may be able to shelter near them during an attack, believing Assad’s troops won’t risk bombing Turkish soldiers.  Others talk of trying to get out of Idlib to the area around Afrin, which is controlled by the Turkish military and Turkish-backed Syrian rebel forces. The route would be perilous, especially during an assault.   Idlib seige | The officers ‘personally responsible’ for war crimes Although few people moved to Idlib by choice, many of its new residents speak happily of their time in the province, living alongside fellow Syrians who cling to the ideals of their almost-defeated revolution.  “I have never been to London but I heard that one street you can hear 100 languages. Here in Idlib, on one street you have people from all 14 governates in Syria,” said Mostafa.  “When you meet somebody from Homs or Deir Ezzor you don’t ask him what happened, you know that he is like you and he lost brothers or children. You don’t ask where they were before because you know it will open old wounds.” Mostafa said he had lost two brothers during the war, one killed by Isil and the other by the regime. “We have a saying in Arabic: ‘our pain has made us one family’. It’s true in Idlib.”

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Thousands of mental health professionals agree with Woodward, NYT op-ed author: Trump is dangerous

  1. Thousands of mental health professionals agree with Woodward, NYT op-ed author: Trump is dangerous  Salon
  2. White House aides narrow search for anonymous op-ed writer to a few people, source says  CNN
  3. Trump calls on Sessions, Justice Department to investigate anonymous New York Times op-ed writer  Business Insider
  4. Trump pushes Sessions to find author of anonymous NYTimes op-ed  Politico
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Data stolen from hundreds of thousands of British Airways customers in major breach

  1. Data stolen from hundreds of thousands of British Airways customers in major breach  Business Insider
  2. British Airways Website And Mobile App Hacked  HuffPost
  3. British Airways app and website hack exposes full card details of 380000 customers  9to5Mac
  4. British Airways hacking: Customers cancel credit cards as airline defends handling of ‘sophisticated’ cyber attack
  5. Cyber criminals steal bank card details of 380000 BA customers who used website and app in huge data breach  Daily Mail
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