Jet slides off O'Hare runway, as snow sweeps across Midwest towards Northeast –

  1. Jet slides off O’Hare runway, as snow sweeps across Midwest towards Northeast
  2. Reports: Snowstorm ramps up in Northeast after turning deadly in Midwest
  3. New Jersey, Pennsylvania Declare State Of Emergency Ahead Of Winter Storm  CBS Philly
  4. Snow slams Chicago, northern suburbs; plane slides off O’Hare runway  Chicago Tribune
  5. Powerful and dangerous winter storm takes aim at Northeast  CBS News
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US top court leans towards allowing Apple App Store antitrust suit

  1. US top court leans towards allowing Apple App Store antitrust suit  Reuters
  2. Apple’s App Store Under Fire in Supreme Court Case  Wall Street Journal
  3. US Supreme Court Appears ‘Open’ to Allowing Lawsuit Accusing Apple of App Store Monopoly to Proceed  Mac Rumors
  4. Apple in Supreme Court battle over App Store
  5. Apple will tell the Supreme Court that it can’t be sued by iPhone users who say the App Store is a monopoly  CNBC
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Modeling crystal behavior: Towards answers in self-organization

Researchers have created a model to explore the transition behavior of crystal lattices. Their system, based on spheroid particles with a permanent dipole, showed that the combination of anisotropic steric and dipole effects causes frustration that induces the coupling between polarization and strain, resulting in the self-organization. These findings are expected to contribute to the rational design of materials for applications including electro-mechanical actuators and electro-caloric refrigerators.
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Florence forecast to become 'major hurricane,' moving towards southeastern US

  1. Florence forecast to become ‘major hurricane,’ moving towards southeastern US  Fox News
  2. The Carolinas, Virginia brace for massive storm as Florence churns toward East Coast  Washington Post
  3. Hurricane Florence Strengthening and Targeting the Southeast Coast, Forecasters Say  New York Times
  4. Florence upgraded to hurricane, heads toward East Coast  CNN
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