Discovery of the oldest mammal in Brazil pays tribute to David Bowie

Brasilestes stardusti lived around 70 million years ago and was named after Ziggy Stardust, the singer’s iconic persona. Description was based on a fossilized tooth. It’s the 1st indication that placental mammals and dinosaurs co-existed in South America. For scientists, fossil features showed similarities with another pre-historic mammal found in India, suggesting both shared a common ancestral native from the Gondwana supercontinent.
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Americans pay tribute to war fallen on Memorial Day

Americans pay tribute to war fallen on Memorial DayFrom President Donald Trump visiting the main US military cemetery to parades and solemn remembrances, Americans honored their fallen war heroes for the Memorial Day holiday on Monday. Across the country, relatives, friends and members of the general public placed American flags and flowers on the tombs of soldiers who gave their lives for the country. During his second Memorial Day as commander-in-chief, Trump placed a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

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Meghan's coat of arms pays tribute to California roots

Meghan's coat of arms pays tribute to California rootsPrince Harry’s wife Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, received a new tailor-made official coat of arms on Friday that pays homage to her Californian roots. The crest has a blue background that “represents the Pacific Ocean off the California coast,” Kensington Palace, the couple’s residence, said in a statement. “Beneath the shield on the grass sits a collection of golden poppies, California’s state flower, and wintersweet, which grows at Kensington Palace,” it said.

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Royal wedding cake: Fitting tribute to the big day – a break from tradition but with British customs at its heart

Royal wedding cake: Fitting tribute to the big day - a break from tradition but with British customs at its heartThe royal wedding cake is a mirror image of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s ceremony – a break from the tradition but with British custom at its heart.  Kensington Palace shared a picture of the much-anticipated cake on Twitter and, as expected, it was not tiered. Instead, the centerpiece was split into three pieces and each placed upon a golden throne. The picture was accompanied with the caption: “The wedding cake is to be served at the reception. It was designed by Claire Ptak and features elderflower syrup made at The Queen’s residence in Sandringham from the estate’s own elderflower trees, as well as a light sponge cake uniquely formulated for the couple. “A filling made from Amalfi lemon curd and elderflower buttercream ties all the elements together. The cake is decorated with Swiss meringue buttercream and 150 fresh flowers, mainly British, and in season, including peonies and roses.” The royal bakers yesterday revealed they were abandoning the tradition of a tiered wedding cake – and teased at a surprise unveiling. Claire Ptak, who made the culinary centrepiece, said the layered lemon and elderflower cake will be in three parts of varying sizes. The final design was unveiled on the big day, with the couple in on the plans, but it will be unveiled in a non-traditional way, she said. Royal wedding day pictures: Best photos from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s ceremony and reception That appears to have been the announcement on Twitter.  The chef, who owns Violet Bakery in east London, has been working with her team of six bakers full time for five days in the large kitchens of Buckingham Palace. “You’ll have to wait and see on the day. It’s an installation of the way that we’re putting it out. It’s the last thing that we’ll reveal. It’s a non-traditional layout,” Ms Ptak said yesterday. Claire Ptak and head baker Izaak Adams put finishing touches to the cake  Credit: HANNAH MCKAY/REUTERS “It’s a slight shift from tradition.” She revealed how Prince Harry and Meghan Markle loved trying a number of different cake samples before settling on lemon and elderflower for their big day. She said: “They loved it. They tried quite a collection. What they said to me is that they really loved the idea of the seasonality and the freshness.” Ms Ptak described the flavour of the cake as being a balance of sweet and tart, combined with “ethereal” elderflower. The cake, which is being decorated on the outside with a white, elderflower swiss meringue buttercream, is made of layered lemon sponge, drizzled with an elderflower syrup to a recipe specially created for the couple. Ms Ptak, left, said Harry and Meghan had enjoyed trying several different samples of cake Credit: HANNAH MCKAY/REUTERS The layers are sandwiched with buttercream and lemon curd. Some 200 Amalfi lemons were used in the recipe, as well as 10 bottles of Sandringham Elderflower Cordial made using elderflower from the Queen’s Sandringham estate, 20kgs of butter, 20 kgs of flour, 20kgs of sugar and 500 organic eggs from Suffolk. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, pictured leaving Windsor Castle after their day of rehearsals, are said to be in on the idea for the grand unveiling Credit: Eddie Mulholland for The Telegraph Ms Ptak, who is American like Ms Markle, said: “The elderflower is so quintessentially British to me as a Californian. “It’s of this moment. It’s May so they’re just opening this week. “It’s a kind of an ethereal, floral flavour which I think is very special, especially for a wedding.” Slices of the cake were to be served to the 600 guests at the lunchtime reception in St George’s Hall after the ceremony, all decorated with rose petals. Royal wedding | Read more

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