Court's AT&T-Time Warner ruling 'clearly erroneous': US gov't

Court's AT&T-Time Warner ruling 'clearly erroneous': US gov'tThe US Justice Department attacked Monday a court ruling that allowed June’s $85 billion mega-merger between AT&T and Time Warner to go forward, saying a federal judge had relied on faulty economics. The June decision by US District Judge Richard Leon had dealt a stinging defeat to the Justice Department and handed a total victory to the companies. “The court agreed that Time Warner enjoyed bargaining leverage before the merger but it illogically and erroneously concluded that Time Warner will have no increased leverage post-merger because blackouts are ‘infeasible’ so Time Warner cannot credibly threaten them,” the brief said.

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The AT&T-Time Warner deal: Could Justice Dept. derail latest moves for WatchTV and prices?

The morning after the Justice Department said it would appeal an anti-trust decision that led to AT&T’s acquisition last month of Time Warner for $85 billion, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson insisted the legal maneuver would not  jeopardize any of the latest video offerings AT&T has pitched to consumers




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US appeals judge's order allowing AT&T to buy Time Warner

US appeals judge's order allowing AT&T to buy Time WarnerThe US Justice Department on Thursday appealed last month’s ruling from a federal judge allowing AT&T to buy Time Warner in a mega-deal that could reshape the media-entertainment landscape. A notice of appeal was filed with a federal appeals court one month after Judge Richard Leon rejected the government’s efforts to block the $85 billion deal following a weeks-long antitrust trial. The decision delivered a stinging rebuke to Donald Trump’s administration in its first major antitrust court case.

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