Arson 'attacks' target Jehovah's Witness halls in Washington State – NBC News

  1. Arson ‘attacks’ target Jehovah’s Witness halls in Washington State  NBC News
  2. Another Jehovah’s Witness center has been destroyed in 9-month rash of arson attacks  The Washington Post
  3. ATF: There have been 5 attacks on Jehovah’s Witnesses in Washington state this year  CNN
  4. ATF investigating series of fires at Jehovah’s Witness centers  ABC News
  5. Jehovah’s Witnesses’ house of worship a target of arson  ABC News
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Witness at El Chapo Trial Gives Master Class on Sinaloa Cartel

  1. Witness at El Chapo Trial Gives Master Class on Sinaloa Cartel  New York Times
  2. Brother of Sinaloa Cartel Leader Testifies Against ‘El Chapo’  U.S. News & World Report
  3. Cartel member testifies against ‘El Chapo’ at US trial  Fox News
  4. El Chapo’s lawyer claims cartel bribed presidents Peña Nieto, Calderón  Mexico News Daily
  5. El Chapo Trial Begins: Defense Claims Alleged Narco Don Is Middle Management  Rolling Stone
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Witness: Scenes From the Indonesian Tsunami

  1. Witness: Scenes From the Indonesian Tsunami  New York Times
  2. ‘There are still hundreds of victims buried’: Aid groups struggle to deliver supplies after Indonesia tsunami  PBS NewsHour
  3. Indonesia’s Tsunami Warning System Hasn’t Been Operational Since 2012  Popular Mechanics
  4. ‘We Just Ran’: Scale of Tsunami Horror Emerges in Indonesia  Wall Street Journal
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Clarence Thomas hearing witness: Let's not do 1991 all over again

A Supreme Court nominee with an abysmal record on protecting women’s and civil rights stands poised to be confirmed by the Senate. Women’s and civil society organizations have loudly declared that his confirmation would be detrimental to working people and the economically vulnerable. His record on a woman’s right to abortion and on agency over our bodies threatens to gut Roe v. Wade and eradicate women’s reproductive rights.

Source: CNN