'Pokémon GO' Community Day: How To Get Yourself A Shiny, Powerful Metagross

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Take a step back from yourself to better realize the benefits of awe

Religion and nature can both lead to awe, and turning to one or the other is a common coping strategy for the stress. But an awe-inspiring experience can have negative consequences as well as benefits, according to a novel study that uses cardiovascular responses to stress to take a broad look at awe and the critical role perspective plays when considering the effects of encountering awe.
Source: Science Daily

Seeing yourself as Einstein may change the way you think

People experiencing Albert Einstein’s body as their own through a virtual reality simulation were less likely to unconsciously stereotype older people, while those with low self-esteem scored better on a cognitive test. The results suggest that the experience allowed people with low self-esteem to change how they saw themselves and increase their cognitive potential. The technique could be useful for education, particularly for those with low self-esteem.
Source: Science Daily